Tyranny & Corruption Exposed In Heavy Metal Music

It should go without saying that some heavy metal bands have written music which can be classified as evil or satanic — sub-genres known as (death metal -or- black metal)…

…however, for the past few decades many heavy metal bands had real messages to deliver.  A message many people are normally afraid to talk about… a message of what’s really going on in the world… and a message the main-stream media and government never really get to the core of.

Growing up and listening to metal bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth & Judas Priest serve as prime examples for this topic; and it’s sad to see in this day many people still classifying all heavy metal as the devil music.  But can you really blame them? This is what the system teaches, and wants you to think…which is nonsense!..

And here’s why…

…If you are singing about tyranny, war -or- corruption, or even talking about it, then you can’t do it in a baby voice.  For example, if you listen to radio host Alex Jones; and why he always screams & growls — because it’s a natural human reaction to ‘speak up’ & ‘speak out’ in the face of tyranny & corruption…

…And in music, it’s no different.

Take Metallica for example; in their albums, the music & vocals are put together with amazing vigor.  And the majority of their songs are about tyranny, corruption, war & injustice in the world, and can be educational in some sense, especially if you read the lyrics…

…the problem is many people take a closed-minded approach, and just hear it as hard & heavy music… wouldn’t listen to it’s message… wouldn’t read the lyrics… and automatically classify it as devil music!  When in fact; it can be quite the opposite — as many heavy metal bands actually expose the devil, and expose evil through their music.

Many heavy metal bands don’t write about nonsensical & petty issues… they prefer to write about REAL & HEAVY stuff that’s transpiring in the world, and in their lives, and from a historical standpoint.

As heavy metal fans ourselves, we’ve found that heavy metal lyrics are a lot deeper, more insightful, and more meaningful than the standard pop music that write about nothing for the betterment of mankind.

Top 200 Heavy Metal Songs of Tyranny & Corruption

We’ve compiled the top 200 best heavy metal songs that speak up and speak out in the face of tyranny & corruption… (some songs are old… some new… but timeless… and still relevant!).

You don’t even have to like heavy metal to like these songs… especially the top rated ones.  These songs are excellent…  And have a real message!

We linked out each song to a Youtube video with lyrics so you can listen to and read lyrics at same time.  Some lyrics are included within the video, however the majority of them are in the video’s description box.  Make sure you read the lyrics along with the song — the lyrics / messages are an important factor in us choosing these songs.  We also factored in the song’s relevancy, production efforts & musicianship.

So here we go!  With our top 200 metal songs of tyranny & corruption, starting at #200 and saving the best for last…  Rock On!

#200. Judas Priest – Genocide (Sad Wings of Destiny)
#199. Accept – Shake Your Heads (Restless & Wild)
#198. Epica – Deter The Tyrant (Requiem for the Indifferent)
#197. Symphony X – Smoke and Mirrors (Twilight in Olympus)
#196. Iron Maiden – The Aftermath (The X Factor)
#195. Scorpions – China White (Blackout)
#194. Machine Head – Elegy (Through the Ashes of Empires)
#193. Testament – Trail of Tears (Low)
#192. Accept – Hellfire (Stalingrad)
#191. Queensryche – Surgical Strike (Rage for Order)
#190. Black Label Society – War Of Heaven (Order Of The Black)
#189. Testament – Love to Hate (Souls Of Black)
#188. Korn – illuminati (The Path Of Totality)
#187. Judas priest – Tyrant (Sad Wings of Destiny)
#186. Black Label Society – Death March (Mafia)
#185. Megadeth – Gears of War (United Abominations)
#184. Megadeth – Dance In The Rain (Super Collider)
#183. Machine Head – Be Still And Know (Unto the Locust)
#182. Black Label Society – Godspeed Hell Bound (Order Of The Black)
#181. Bruce Dickinson – Born in 58 (Tattooed Millionaire)

#180. Accept – Fight It Back (Balls to the Wall)
#179. Iced Earth – Boiling Point (Dystopia)
#178. Sons of Liberty – Tree Of Liberty (Brush-fires of the Mind)
#177. Ozzy Osbourne – Countdown’s Begun (Black Rain)
#176. Dream Theater – Lost not forgotten (A Dramatic Turn of Events)
#175. Megadeth – Never Dead (TH1RT3EN)
#174. Dio – Dying In America (Angry Machines)
#173. Sacred Reich  – The American Way (The American Way)
#172. Sons of Liberty – The Cleansing Wind (Brush-fires of the Mind)
#171. Megadeth – My Kingdom (The System Has Failed)
#170. Machine head – In The Presence of My Enemies (Through the Ashes of Empires)
#169. Accept – All or nothing (Objection Overruled)
#168. Pantera – Revolution is My Name (Reinventing the Steel)
#167. Sabaton – A Lifetime of War (Carolus Rex)
#166. Anthrax – One World (Among the Living)
#165. Iron Maiden – Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (A Matter of Life and Death)
#164. Red Lamb – Puzzle Box (Red Lamb)
#163. Testament – A Day of Reckoning (The New Order)
#162. Black Label Society – Graveyard Disciples (1919 Eternal)
#161. Judas Priest – United (British Steel)

#160. Slipknot – All Hope is Gone (All Hope is Gone)
#159. Testament – Agony (The Ritual)
#158. Megadeth – Amerikhastan (United Abominations)
#157. Korn – Spike In My Veins (The Paradigm Shift)
#156. Iron Maiden – The Legacy (A Matter of Life and Death)
#155. Slipknot – Psychosocial (All Hope Is Gone)
#154. Testament – Absence of Light (Souls Of Black)
#153. Avenged Sevenfold – M.I.A. (City Of Evil)
#152. Iced Earth – Divide Devour (The Crucible of Man)
#151. Machine Head – Clenching the Fists of Dissent (The Blackening)
#150. Megadeth – Truth Be Told (The System Has Failed)
#149. Iron Maiden – Fortunes of War (The X Factor)
#148. Disturbed – I’m Alive (Ten Thousand Fists)
#147. Black Sabbath – Electric Funeral (Paranoid)
#146. Judas Priest – Stained Class (Sad Wings Of Destiny)
#145. Testament – Shades of War (Low)
#144. Megadeth – Take No Prisoners (Rust In Peace)
#143. Testament – The Persecuted Won’t Forget (The Formation of Damnation)
#142. Disturbed – Innocence (Asylum)
#141. Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers (Brave New World)

#140. Metallica – Where The Wild Things Are (Reload)
#139. Megadeth – Rust in Peace… Polaris (Rust In Peace)
#138. Iced Earth – Harbinger of Fate (The Crucible of Man)
#137. Judas Priest – Saints in Hell (Stained Class)
#136. Testament – Time is Coming (Practice What You Preach)
#135. Megadeth – The World Needs A Hero (The World Needs A Hero)
#134. Skid Row – Livin’ On A Chain Gang  (Slave To The Grind)
#133. Slipknot – Wherein Lies Continue (All Hope Is Gone)
#132. Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon (Framing Armageddon)
#131. Megadeth – Kick the Chair (The System Has Failed)
#130. Judas Priest – Bloodstone (Screaming For Vengeance)
#129. Iron Maiden – The Longest Day (A Matter of Life and Death)
#128. Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls (Ride The Lightning)
#127. Iced Earth – Dark City (Dystopia)
#126. Megadeth – New World Order (TH1RT3EN)
#125. Red Lamb – Warpaint (Red Lamb)
#124. Testament – Into The Pit (The New Order)
#123. Metallica – Phantom Lord (Kill em All)
#122. Megadeth – Blackmail the Universe (The System Has Failed)
#121. Ozzy Osbourne – Civilize The Universe (Black Rain)

#120. Judas Priest – Savage (Stained Class)
#119. Testament – Souls Of Black (Souls Of Black)
#118. Helloween – I Want Out (Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II)
#117. Metallica – The Day That Never Comes (Death Magnetic)
#116. Testament – Let Go Of My World (The Ritual)
#115. Black Label Society – Ain’t Life Grand (Stronger Than Death)
#114. Megadeth – Bite The Hand (Endgame)
#113. Dio – Big Sister (Angry Machines)
#112. Skid Row – Mudkicker – (Slave To The Grind)
#111. HammerFall – Stone Cold (Glory To The Brave)
#110. Iced Earth – The Domino Decree (Framing Armageddon)
#109. Megadeth – Millennium Of The Blind (TH1RT3EN)
#108. Metallica – No Remorse (Kill ’em All)
#107. Iron Maiden – Face in the Sand (Dance of Death)
#106. Ozzy Osbourne – Revelation…Mother Earth (Blizzard of Ozz)
#105. Sons Of Liberty – Molon Labe (Spirit of the Times)
#104. Megadeth – Hook In Mouth (So Far, So Good … So What!)
#103. Havok – Morbid Symmetry (Burn)
#102. Testament – Low (Low)
#101. Iced Earth – Days of Rage (Dystopia)

  #100. Megadeth – Head Crusher (Endgame)
  #99. Dio – The Man Who Would Be King (Master of the Moon)
  #98. Megadeth – Foreclosure of a Dream (Countdown to Extinction)
  #97. Metallica – The Shortest Straw (…And Justice For All)
  #96. Sons of Liberty – Our Dying Republic (Brush-fires of the Mind)
  #95. Testament – FEAR (The Formation of Damnation)
  #94. Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance (Screaming For Vengeance)
  #93. Megadeth – The Disintegrators (Cryptic Writings)
  #92. Judas Priest – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (Defenders of the Faith)
  #91. Iron Maiden – Age of Innocence (Dance of Death)
  #90. Blind Guardian – Another Holy War (Imaginations From The Other Side)
  #89. Testament – D.N.R./Do Not Resuscitate (The Gathering)
  #88. Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave (Master of Reality)
  #87. Testament – The Sermon (The Ritual)
  #86. Sons Of Liberty – Full Spectrum Dominance (Spirit of the Times)
  #85. Iced Earth – The Reckoning…Don’t Tread on Me (The Glorious Burden)
  #84. Megadeth – We The People (TH1RT3EN)
  #83. Black Label Society – Mass Murder Machine (1919 Eternal)
  #82. Mudvayne – We The People (The New Game)
  #81. Iron Maiden – Judas Be My Guide (Fear Of The Dark)

  #80. Iced Earth – Tragedy and Triumph (Dystopia)
  #79. Testament – Perilous Nation (Practice What You Preach)
  #78. Testament – The Formation of Damnation (The Formation of Damnation)
  #77. Iron Maiden – For The Greater Good Of God (A Matter of Life and Death)
  #76. Megadeth – Washington is next (United Abominations)
  #75. Disturbed – Decadence (Ten Thousand Fists)
  #74. Sons of Liberty – False Flag (Brush-fires of the Mind)
  #73. Mudvayne – Choices (Lost and Found)
  #72. Avenged Sevenfold – Blinded In Chains – (City of Evil)
  #71. Iron Maiden – Be Quick or be Dead (Fear Of The Dark)
  #70. Black Label Society – Parade of the Dead (Order Of The Black)
  #69. Iced Earth – V (Dystopia)
  #68. Megadeth – Captive Honour (Countdown to Extinction)
  #67. Sons of Liberty – We The People (Brush Fires of the Mind)
  #66. Pantera – Domination (Cowboys from Hell)
  #65. Testament – Man Kills Mankind (Dark Roots of Earth)
  #64. Megadeth – Architecture of Aggression (Countdown to Extinction)
  #63. Mudvayne – World So Cold (The End Of All Things To Come)
  #62. Testament – P.C. (Low)
  #61. Sons of Liberty – Feeling Helpless (Brush Fires of the Mind)

  #60. Iron Maiden – Public Enema Number One (No Prayer For The Dying)
  #59. Sons Of Liberty – Alive (Spirit of the Times)
  #58. Testament – Eerie Inhabitants (The New Order)
  #57. Black Label Society – Overlord (Order Of The Black)
  #56. Megadeth – Endgame (Endgame)
  #55. Iron Maiden – Fear Is The Key (Fear Of The Dark)
  #54. Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain (Black Rain)
  #53. Bruce Dickinson – Darkside of Aquarius (Accident of Birth)
  #52. Metallica – Creeping Death (Ride The Lightning)
  #51. Iron Maiden – These Colours Don’t Run (A Matter of Life and Death)
  #50. Motorhead – The Game (The Game)
  #49. Dio- Egypt – The Chains Are On (The Last In Line)
  #48. Metallica – One (…And Justice For All)
  #47. Ozzy Osbourne – The Almighty Dollar (Black Rain)
  #46. Disturbed – Land Of Confusion (Ten Thousand Fists)
  #45. Testament – The New Order (The New Order)
  #44. Iced Earth – The Clouding (Framing Armageddon)
  #43. Sons of Liberty – Don’t Tread On Me (Brush Fires of the Mind)
  #42. Megadeth – Youthanasia (Youthanasia)
  #41. Pantera – The Sleep (Cowboys from Hell)

  #40. Ozzy Osbourne – Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel (Bark at the Moon)
  #39. Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists (Ten Thousand Fists)
  #38. Iced Earth – Consequences (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
  #37. Disturbed – Avarice (Ten Thousand Fists)
  #36. Living Colour – Cult of Personality (Vivid)
  #35. Megadeth – Peace Sells (Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?)
  #34. Sons Of Liberty – Mind Control (Spirit of the Times)
  #33. Iced Earth – Dystopia (Dystopia)
  #32. Metallica – And Justice For All (…And Justice For All)
  #31. Blind Guardian – Born in a Mourning Hall (Imaginations From the Other Side)
  #30. Dream Theater – On The Backs of Angels (A Dramatic Turn of Events)
  #29. Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction (Countdown to Extinction)
  #28. Black Sabbath – War Pigs (Paranoid)
  #27. Disturbed – Mine (The Lost Children)
  #26. Metallica – Damage Inc. (Master of Puppets)
  #25. Iced Earth – Execution-Order Of The Rose (Framing Armageddon)
  #24. Disturbed – Never Again (Asylum)
  #23. Metallica – Don’t Tread On Me (Black Album)
  #22. Metallica – The Unforgiven (Black Album)
  #21. Iced Earth – Declaration Day (The Glorious Burden)

  #20. Sons of Liberty – Indentured Servitude (Brush Fires of the Mind)
  #19. Queensryche – The Mission (Operation: Mindcrime)
  #18. Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime (Operation: Mindcrime)
  #17. Judas Priest – The Hellion/Electric Eye (Screaming For Vengeance)
  #16. Iron Maiden – Childhood’s End (Fear Of The Dark)
  #15. Havok – Point of No Return (Point of No Return)
  #14. Iced Earth – Something Wicked Trilogy (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
  #13. Disturbed – Sacred Lie (Ten Thousand Fists)
  #12. Disturbed – Deify (Ten Thousand Fists)
  #11. Queensryche – Revolution Calling – (Operation: MindCrime)
  #10. Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (Rust in Peace)
    #9. Metallica – Disposable Heroes (Master of Puppets)
    #8. Guns n Roses – Civil War (Use Your Illusion II)
    #7. Sons Of Liberty – Spirit of the Times (Spirit of the Times)
    #6. Dream Theater – Outcry (A Dramatic Turn of Events)
    #5. Iced Earth – Melancholy…Holy Martyr (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
    #4. Disturbed – The Night (Indestructible)
    #3. Metallica – Eye of the Beholder (…And Justice For All)
    #2. Sons of Liberty – Jeckyll Island (Brush Fires of the Mind)
    #1. Accept – Balls to the Wall (Balls to the Wall)

Lets Band Together And Make A Difference!

Life shouldn’t be about a left/right thing, or black/white thing, or anything in between. We’re all brothers & sisters in the same fight, and for the same cause  we want liberty & freedom!  Not tyranny & corruption!  So lets band together and make this the best top 200 list

…So we are asking for your help!

This is not your typical top 200 list where we post it, and set & forget.  We want your involvement in helping us better this list… or maybe we’ll build it up to a top 300 list.  So whether your a true metal fan or a true patriot, let us know if there is a heavy metal song on this topic we may have overlooked, and that you feel should be on this list.  And we’ll take it into consideration… just leave us a comment below.

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