Survival Radios

Radio communication is, and has always been one of the primary sources of survival and emergency preparedness.

If, and when the grid goes down, an emergency Radio serves an individual the basic essentials for acquiring information from the outside world.  Think about the last time you were in a house when the power went down from a storm, tornado, hurricane, or just a blackout; and you didn’t have an off the grid radio to get more information. Or if you had a regular radio, but you didn’t have batteries, or the batteries were dead…

…you then probably walked outside to find neighbors, and hoped they knew what was going on. And even if they did, who’d they get the information from? And are you going to keep bothering that person for updates?

Emergency radios are one of the most overlooked survival tools missing from any serious preppers arsenal, or anyone taking steps in preparing themselves for any natural or man-made disasters.

Fact remains: right behind food & water, having a good communication system is of equal value, if not more important than guns, ammo, medical supplies, power supplies, and other survival tools.

Read and watch the videos below to get an overview of some of the industries top emergency radios. And learn about more necessary actions in becoming more serious & self-sufficient in your preparation efforts.
Eton Scorpion Survival Radio

Eton Scorpion Radio

Be prepared for the next disaster with one of the most durable and well-built survival radios in the industry!

Introducing the Eton Scorpion!  This high-quality and unique designed survival radio that has already gone through it’s paces — manufactured by Eton, a well-trusted company established 20 years  ago, and has never stopped striving for excellence.

They really hit it out of the park with the Eton Scorpion.  And don’t let it’s child-like design fool you!  This baby is well-engineered, and built to last!

The Eton axis Multi-functional capabilities will keep you secure informed, & entertained all at the same time in an off-the-grid situation.

Eton Scorpion Signature Feature…

It’s signature feature is it’s IPX-4 splash proof rating – (for water-proof protection against rain and spraying water from all angles up to 10 liters per minute at a pressures of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 minutes)

Additional Features & Specs…

  • 3 power sources – (dynamo crank, solar panel, DC power)
  • Aluminum carabiner – makes attaching the Scorpion to items easy
  • Rugged exterior skin for extra protection against water and other elements
  • AM & FM Radio w/ Digital tuner
  • 7 weatherband channels, (NOAA channels)
  • USB cell phone charger – for emergency cell power when cranking the dynamo
  • Built-in 3 LED flashlight source, with focused lens for nice beams
  • Digital display with clock and fine-tune control capability
  • Long telescopic antenna for maximum range & reception
  • 3.5 mm headphone output, AUX-IN input-jack
eton axis

Midland ER102 Survival Radios

Midland ER102 Survival Radio

Don’t let any disasters…(natural -or- man-made) come between you and your peace-of-mind, and for the safety of your family!

Introducing the Midland ER102 survival radio!

This cool looking radio is considered one of the most popular, versatile, and well-functioning survival radio’s in the survival industry.

But don’t just take our word for it!  Watch the video below from a gentlemen reviewing this product we found on YouTube.  This video also goes into more of the features & specifications.

Features, Specs & Key Benefits…

  • 4-Power Sources(batteries, rechargeable batteries, AC power, or Dynamo hand crank.)
  • AM/FM Radio w/ Alarm Clock
  • 7 preset weather channels w/ alert override to warn of hazardous conditions
  • 10 NOAA weather channels to stay up-to-date on what’s happening around you
  • Amber Alerts feature: nuclear plant warnings, child abductions, biological hazards, civil emergency messages, fire warnings, and landslide warnings.
  • USB connector to charge cell phones in emergencies
  • Excellent for for the visually or hearing impaired with 3 different alert types(display, voice, flashing light)
  • easy-to-read back-lit LCD display showing status info. in bad lighting areas — and a 3-LED flashlight for navigating at night.
  • constructed with weather-proof & water resistant materials, so safe for most any environments
  • equipped with telescoping antenna to provide radio with crystal clear reception
  • A thermometer with freeze alert function
  • Lightweight weighing only 1.2 lbs.
midland er102

Eton FRX3 Survival Radios

Eton FRX3 Survival Radio

The perfect all-around solution even for emergency situations or your next outdoor adventure!

This makes it an excellent fit for both power outages and outdoors activities such as camping or hiking, thus giving you better peace-of-mind while traveling!

Use the Eton FRX3 as a radio, flashlight, or charger for your cell phone or other devices.

This neat multi-function tool features 4 power sources — Dynamo hand-cranksolar panelbuilt-in rechargeable battery, or traditional batteries.

1 minute of crank time will give you enough power to play music, news, or weather for 15 -to- 20 minutes.

Instead of scrambling for batteries, just crank up the dynamo… or sit it in the sun to charge up and you’re good to go!

Features, Specs & Key Benefits…

  • Signature Feature: Glow in the dark locator
  • 4 Power Sources – (Dynamo Hand-Crank, Solar Panel, batteries, & rechargeable battery.)
  • AM, FM Radio Bands with NOAA weatherband alerts
  • Hand turbine dynamo crank charger
  • LED flashlight and Beacon
  • Digital Display and Tuner
  • Headphone Jack w/ AUX-input to play your own music
  • Alarm clock
eton frx3

Midland 2 Way Survival Radio

Midland 2-Way Survival Radio

Why let earthquakes, tornadoes, Hurricanes, floods, solar flares, fires, electrical disasters, Nuclear attacks, or a Financial collapse impede you, or prevent you from communicating with your family & friends?  In addition to getting significant information from your local community.  Well now you don’t have to!

Introducing the Midland 2-Way Base Camp Radio!

Midland’s 2-Way Key Feature…

The Midland 2-way walkie-talkie feature is wired for FRS(family radio service) and GMRS(general mobile radio service).  You can communicate with your buddies in the field, or keep in contact with friends, family & local neighbors in an emergency situation.

The 2-way features 121 privacy codes to block out 3rd party conversations, and 22 channels for GMRS capability.

Additional Main Features & Specs…

  • 4 Power sources: dynamo hand crank, rechargeable battery, AA Batteries, AC/DC Adaptor
  • Cell Phone Charger: USB jack to recharge devices such as cell phones
  • 3-LED Flashlight: bright LED light convenient for power outages or to navigate at night
  • Quality water resistant radio which protects it from light water damage, and light rain
  • Large LCD display w/ back-lighting and alarm clock with snooze functions
  • 7 weather channels with NOAA(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) all hazards alert
  • HI/LO Power Settings: adjust transmit power, and conserve battery life

Watch below of a youtube video we found of person going into more detail of the Midland’s 2-Way features & specifications:

midland 2-way


It’s a sad fact, but the majority of people have no means of communication besides a home phone & cellular.  So what happens if the grid goes down?  And the batteries runs dry?

Fact Is, you don’t know what somethings like until you truly experience it!  And if you have ever been in the dark for a long duration with no power and no clue as to what’s going on in your local area, then you know it’s not fun.  So why be in the dark if you don’t have to?  Get prepared today!  And help us spread the word!  Please share this information with your friends & family.