Solar Powered Oven

Wouldn’t It Be Great?

– Wouldn’t it be great… to be able to bake, boil, or steam whatever food you want totally “off the grid” saving you money, and resulting in food that’s healthier, tastier, more moist, and more evenly cooked?

– Wouldn’t it be great… to finally cook food without worrying about stirring the food, and without worrying about burning the food, or drying it out?

– Wouldn’t it be great… to cook food outside unattended in the middle of winter without any gas, propane, fire, wood, charcoal, or any other fuels, or fuel sources of any sort?

– Wouldn’t it be great… to have your own portable cooker folding up into a small suitcase to bring camping, hiking, RVing, or just to a friends house for a fun & unique barbecue?

– Wouldn’t it be great… to have a tool for ‘survival’ & ‘emergency preparedness’ that’s capable of dehydrating foods “off the grid”  such as jerkyvegetables, fruits, tomatoes, or your garden foods for long term food storage?

Introducing the Solar Powered Sun Oven!

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The sun oven is the industries most popular & versatile “off the grid” solar cooking source to date!  It has been around since 1986; is well tested in a lot of different environments and countries, and has stood the test of time.

Till this day, the sun oven still gets up to 75 -to- 100 degrees hotter than any of the knock-offs or copy-cats that are out in the industry.  The sun oven reaches temperatures as high as 400 degrees.

The sun oven is one of the most effective & efficient contraptions for cooking good, healthy, tasty foods in the easiest & safest ways possible.  While at the same time, helping people save money on their gas & electrical bills.  A true win, win, win situation!

This Solar Powered Oven can generally cook everything you normally cook in your oven or stove-top, with the exception of frying foods.  Meaning that it can bake, boil, and steam foods.  But one thing that the sun oven ‘can do’  that your home oven ‘can’t do’  is dehydrate foods; which serves as an excellent method for long term food preparations.
The sun Oven

The Sun Oven Solar Cooker

Consume foods enhanced by what is the true embodiment and nature of everything pure & divine ~ The Sun

This solar cooker is an absolute dream for anyone looking to utilize it for either short-term food recipes or long-term food storage preparations.

Sun Oven gets up to temperatures of 400 degrees F, giving you the ultimate cooking power just like your home oven.

You can cook up your favorite breads, rice, pasta, soups, stews,  sauces, pot roasts, and any other meats.

Tastier & More Moisture Rich Foods…

You will not believe how much more tasty & moisture-rich  the foods will be, as compared to home cooked meals… your taste buds will be dancing in delightful glee!

Foods from this solar oven retains it flavor & moisture, and doesn’t dry-out mainly because when your cooking, the air & heat is being surrounded around the food, and maintained with the enclosed system.

Why Food Doesn’t Burn In The Sun Oven…

To sun oven is designed never to really go much above 400 degrees.  Also, when cooking in this oven, there is no movement of air, and it’s a completely even heat.

So, if you have food inside a pot that’s inside the sun oven — the pot, the food that’s in the pot, and the air surrounding the pot are exactly the same temperature.  So due to the sun oven’s even heat temperature, there’s no need to stir the food, unlike stirring food in a pot on a stove-top flame.

The sun oven includes internal thermometer for accurate temperature measurements.

A lot of Room For A Lot of Food…

The sun oven gives you all the room you need to cook the big meals.  You can fit up to 2 dozen eggs, or an 18 pound turkey inside the cooking area.

Dehydrate Foods & Long Term Food Storage Preparations…

Perfect for emergency preparedness, this solar powered oven is the ultimate toy for the “die-hard prepper!”  Capable of solar dehydrating foods for your long term food storage preparations.  You can dehydrate foods such as tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, jerky, and your garden foods.

Normally, when cooking with the sun oven, you would fasten the latches tightly over the tempered glass to create a tight seal.  This allows for the heat & air within the gasket to remain entrapped to bring up the heat to high temperatures… however, with dehydrating foods is a little different!

Since we will be dehydrating foods within the sun oven, we are going to want to have the temperatures consistently between 110 and 155 degrees fahrenheit, and also give the moist air accumulating a chance to escape.  And to do this, you just simply take one of the sun oven’s latches and turn it inward underneath the glass — resting the glass on top of the single latch.  This allows some of the hot air along with the moisture to escape, and serves as a perfect dehydration system.

The sun oven makes for a great tool for an off the grid situation, knowing that you will always have a cooking device no matter what happens to your home, electricity, gas line, etc.

And no more worrying about whether or not you have enough fuel stored away for the next emergency, or disaster!

Simple To Use & Portable Friendly…

The sun oven is very easy to set up!  It is a simple one-piece construction which sets up in a matter of seconds.

Lightweight & portable, weighing only 21 lbs, and having the ability of packing down to the size of a small suitcase, for on the go situations.

Safe Around Children & Pets…

Overall, the sun oven is extremely safe!  The box portion part of this oven is made of ABS Plactic, and between the outer box and the aluminum inner oven chamber is a non-toxic, food-grade fiberglass installation.  So, it can be 350+ degrees inside the oven, and it won’t feel hot at all.  And even the reflectors never get hot.

Actually, the only part of the sun oven which gets hot during operation is the glass door.  However, it doesn’t get hot enough to be dangerous, especially around children & pets.  For example, if it’s 350 degrees inside the oven, the outside glass door will only get up to 145 degrees.  So it will sting, but will not burn, so it remains safe around children & pets.  However, it is strong enough to fend off animals if you leave it out overnight dehydrating foods.

Sun Oven Design & Construction…

Featuring 4 metal reflectors which channel the suns rays through a tempered glass swing-arm door which locks down to a tight seal, and enclosing food during cooking.  The most important part of the sun oven is the gasket.  You place the food within the gasket area which has a levelator tray to prevent your food from spilling when angling it to follow the sun.

Their are 9 different positions on the rear side of the device to prop it up or down for higher or lower cooking temperatures.  The sun oven will consistently get up to temperatures from 350 -to- 400 degrees, even in cold winter Months.

The frame that holds the whole oven together is made from a kiln dried poplar wood.  This solar powered oven is Made In The USA of the highest quality, durable materials that can last you a lifetime!  The reflectors on the solar oven are made of a highly-polished anodized aluminum; which are 85% reflective, and will never oxidize, rust, or corrode.  The inner oven chamber and levelator tray are both made from black anodized aluminum.  The levelator is removable for cleaning purposes.


The sun oven is unmatched in all of its capabilities, and whether you decide to use it short-term for fun recipes, or to save money on your power cost; or long-term as a survival tool for dehydrated food preparedness — you can be sure that it will help you out dramatically.

Bake, boil & steam your way to one of the most fun, and efficient ways to preparing foods.  This is how many of our ancestors did it!

Order it today, and learn how to be totally off-the-grid, and self-sufficient in conjunction with eFoods popular long term food storage preparations!

And it’s important to realize that if you don’t think the sun oven serves as an excellent survival tool… then think about this…

…what happens if the grid goes down for a long period of time due to a major crisis, or natural disaster, and you run out of food, or can’t get access to food??

…then wouldn’t it be nice to have an off-the-grid cooking system readily available to cook small game; living off the land with any means possible:  deer, squirrel, rabbit, rodents, birds, fish, etc.

In ‘life & death’  situation, some of the most appropriate means of technology should be at your disposal, and at the disposal of every human being living in the world today.

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