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if you’ve ever been in a situation where you lost power in your house, then you know what kind of nightmare it can be… especially for a long duration like a whole day, or even a week.

And even if you had a gas generator, you know what a massive pain in the @&& they can be!  You’ve come to learn that gas generators are just not worth the time, energy & effort!

The Negatives of Gas Generators…

  • Gas generators are noisy as heck!  And may have your neighbors upset or complaining about running them at night when they are trying to sleep.
  • Gas generators give off obnoxious & poisonous fumes that are extremely unhealthy, and make many people sick to their stomach, or give them headaches.
  • Gas generators need constant attention every few hours for keeping them properly fueled, cooled, clean, and well ventilated.
  • Gas generators emit carbon monoxide, and there are many cases of them causing poisonous deaths due to poor ventilation near a house, or inside a garage.
  • There are many more cases reported of gas generators exploding, or causing fires due to malfunctions, gas leakage, or the generator was improperly refueled.
  • Gas generators require constant gas refueling with costly trips to the gas station.  In addition, in the event of a major crisis, the gas stations may be out of gas, or not even open for that matter.
  • The smell of the gas & fumes negative effects!  Usually, there is one person tending to the gas generator, and over time, this can take its toll.  Not only do you breath in poisonous fumes every time you refuel, but spilling gas on your hands & clothes is inevitable.  And, if you are without power for more than a few days — this will undoubtedly have negative effects on the overall health & mind.
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Why Do People Go Through All This Trouble?

Should it reallyboggle the mind‘ of anyone within reason to the extents we go through for producing power with gas powered generators.

Fact of the matter is; the average person will put up with a heck of a lot of turmoil to produce power & electricity in an off the grid situation.

People are willing to put up with all the dangers, all the loud noise, all the health risks, all the money spent on gas, and all the gut-wrenching time & attention on running the power in their home with a gas powered generator.

But the good news is that there are better alternatives.  In fact, there is a much better alternative to avoiding all of the negative bullet points outlined above that come along with running your home with an inefficient & outdated device such as a gas powered generator.

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The Perfect “Off The Grid” Solution…

With everything that comes along with worrying about the damage that can be caused by severe weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc… the last thing you want to worry about is living without lights, electricity, phone, heat, microwave, air conditioner, computer, laptops, and television.

And sever weather is not even half of it!  There are many more things that can shut down the power grid — such as a terrorist attack, broken infrastructure, Government failure, solar flare, meteor shower, asteroid, etc…

Why worry about any of these things shutting down your power if you don’t have to?  Also, why fiddle around with inferior & dangerous technology such as gas powered generators as your backup method?

Now there are ‘better ways‘ and ‘safer solutions‘ that are not only EASIER… but will save you lots of money, time, and heartaches!  In addition, to being a lot better for your health!

Introducing the Yeti 1250 Solar Powered Generator Kit!  The Perfect “off the grid” solution for when the power goes out, or for just everyday use to run your electrical appliances and devices to save some money!
Solar Generator For Homes

Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

The sunlight is FREE, and is YOURS for the taking!  So why not take advantage of that!?

Introducing GoalZero’s new Yeti 1250 Solar Powered Generator!  Cutting-edge plug & play technology which makes life so much easier.

This Solar Powered Generator quite simply catches free energy form the sun through the solar panels, and gets stored in the generator for when the power goes out, or to run your home appliances & devices, or for future usage.

At first, companies developed solar power for devices like cell phones & laptops, but people wanted to power big stuff too.

And GoalZero met that demand with the Yeti 1250.  So, it can even power up home refrigerators, microwaveschop saws, or health care equipment such as CPAP machines

You can actually plug in a 650 watt house refrigerator for 2-3 hours on one charge.  And if you are solar charging during that time, this will obviously increase that time.

You can power up electronic devices like camerascell phoneslaptopsipadsGPS devices, or tablets.  Or power up your TV and lights anytime you want without being a slave to the power grid.

You can be charging the Yeti 1250 from the sun, and using it at the same time.  And It doesn’t use any of the stored energy until you actually plug into it.

What’s best about the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator is it’s completely silent… give off no toxic fumes… needs no gas… is very safe… can be used indoors… is portable friendly… and can save you money from electricity and gas bills.

The Yeti 1250 is an absolute no brainer, Win-Win-Win  situation when comparing to inferior gas generators — or comparing to any other solar generators in the industry.

Order yours today and get FREE Shipping!  In addition, also paying NO TAX for All orders placed in the U.S. in All States, with the exception of Utah!  No coupon code necessary at checkout!

What’s Included:

  • (1) – Yeti 1250 Solar Generator
  • (2) – Boulder 30 Watt Solar Panels
  • (1) – Lead Acid AGM Battery
  • (1) – Fabric Carrying Case for Panels
  • (1) – Roll Cart for Easy Mobility & Portablity
  • (1) – Wall Charging Cable

Technical Specifications…

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The actual Solar Generator weighs in at 103 lbs.  And a total of 128 lbs for the entire kit.  The handy roll cart which comes included makes the Yeti 1250 generator kit easy to move around where and when needed.

The Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Includes a digital display keeping you informed of everything you need to know.  The system monitors all the input and output functions showing you every thing that’s going in and going out, and displays that on the front panel.

The Yeti 1250 Solar Generator comes with 1250 Watt hours of storage capacity.  It also has the capability to daisy-chain additional batteries to give you more storage power than the 1250 watt hours, if you prefer to do so.

The 2 solar panels are the most technologically advanced in the industry, made from highly efficient mono-crystalline technology — with light-weight, strong tempered glass and aluminum frame for durability.  The solar panels are also equipped with clips to daisy-chain additional panels together if you prefer to do so.

Overall, this whole system is built tough made of weather resistant materials which have been UV treated, and highly durable material for lasting long-term.

Watch video above to learn more about the Yeti 1250’s technical specifications such as charging times, output information, and input information.


There should be NOTHING in life that should ‘hinder you’, or ‘prevent you’  from lighting, cooling, or entertaining your home no matter what happens, and no matter what garbage the “POWERS THAT BE” try to spew out at you.

The FREE sunlight is there, and will always be there!  Waiting for you to tap into it, and harness its enormous power! .. And ‘not only’ with portable systems such as this solar powered generator, but also with solar panel installations for your roof  — as technology has come so far now, and cost’s now have become so reduced, that you can now get zero-down solar installations without paying a dime, and actually pay less towards your loan on the solar panels than what you are paying on your monthly electrical bill — in addition to gaining equity on a full solar panel system that cost you noting to install.  In addition, you can get a *free solar consultation* in minutes. This is a no-brainer.. win-win-win!  Click on image directly below or Click here to learn more.

Learn About Zero Down Solar Installations

Technology has come so far, and to not take advantage of it is borderline insanity.  The free sunlightsystems and technologies are there for the taking!  And are ready for those willing to wise up, and to really start getting serious in protecting themselves and their families from the inevitable and unforeseeable.

Why struggle with noisy… toxic-fuming… dangerous… time-taxing… money wasting… and gas-guzzling generators if you don’t have to?  Why mess with dangerous technologies if you don’t have to?  Why breathe in toxic fumes if you don’t have to?  Why waste time if you don’t have to?  Why spend money on gas if you don’t have?   Why worry when you don’t have to?

When you have self-sufficient & self-sustainable technology on your side such as solar powered generators, then things like blackouts, major storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, solar flares, meteor showers, asteroids etc… become a lot more trivial.

You will also have the ‘peace-of-mind’ knowing that you and your family will be able to fend for themselves in case of broken infrastructure, terrorist attack, or Government failure.

And having the ability to harness solar power is really a blessing in it of itself!  Just being able to concentrate solar energy, and then converting the sunlight into electricity is truly a magical act!  And to not take advantage of it is really doing yourself a disservice.

There is no debate here!  It’s obvious that things in the world are getting more serious… stuff is getting scarier… and more is out in the open!  Just turn on the news, and you will see that yesterday’s conspiracy theory is today’s story.

Plus, events like Hurricane Katrina really proved to us, and opened our eyes to the fact that our Government will not always be there to save us!  And that we must take responsibility into our own hands for the safety & security of ourselves and of our family.

Which makes now the time more than ever to wise up and start preparing with alternative energy sources, so that next time you won’t have to worry about the power going down.

Please help us…

We really appreciate the the time and effort you put into reading the information on this page.  We strive hard in researching and bringing forward information which we believe is built upon a strong foundation, and will help people live a better life!

Please help us spread the word, in sharing this information with your friends & family.  And if possible, please leave us a comment or question below!  Or reach us at — It really helps us narrow our focus on moving forward in our research & findings.

We greatly appreciate you!  And good luck in your preparation efforts:)

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