Long Term Food Storage

Are You Prepared?

It is ‘no secret’ how valuable food is in our daily lives.  Just try going a few days without food for and see what happens!  Food is the greatest dependency we have right behind water.  However, we have become so accustomed to food, that many fail to realize how significant food it is until the unforeseeable happens.

Many people go throughout their lives thinking, hoping, or wishing that everything will be fine in the area in which they live —  and that the Government & relief organizations will be there to rescue them in case of a major disaster.

However, this is not always the case — as we’ve witnessed from Hurricane Katrina, as many people were left without food and water for up to five days after the storm.  ABC News reported that Hurricane Katrina FEMA insiders stated that  they were “unprepared in the Katrina Relief Efforts”.

Fact remains: There are times when disaster relief organizations don’t have the man-power or resources to get to all the victims in time, or may not have enough food available for all the people involved in a major hurricane or other natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, landslides, solar flares, wild fires, floods, severe storms, etc.

Questions to ask yourself…

Am I prepared… with enough storable food to sustain myself and my family for a time duration I’m comfortable with — and without relying on any outside assistance from the Government or relief organizations?

Am I prepared… to a comfortable level where I don’t have to worry about being shipped off to a FEMA camp or stadium due to the fact that I took initiative to prepared beforehand?

Am I prepared… with long term water storage, and an off-the-grid water filtration system?  This is #1 key for survival, as food takes a back seat to water.  So, if you haven’t got a water plan yet, I’d suggest you bookmark this page, then click that link above to learn about our long-term water storage plans.  And think about your food preparation plans later.

And That’s Not Even Half of It…

Am I prepared… with enough food for survival in the unlikely event if any of the following would to occur: contaminated food supply, collapse of the dollargovernment failurenuclear war, etc?

If any of the aforementioned events were to occur — whether it be a major disaster, contaminated food, war, economic collapse, government downfall — you can be sure that your local food store will be cleared out rather quickly.  And that’s if they’re lucky not to be looted quicker than people willing to buy.

In Addition… 50 million on food stamps, half the public on Government assistance of some type, food shortages, GMO foods, and processed foods loaded with chemicals, metals, plastics & preservatives.

This all adds up to is scary!  It’s the perfect storm, and sooner or later somethings gotta give!  It’s a good to hope for the best, but you’d better prepare for the worst!

Time To Get Serious…

In case one of these crisis events were to occur, it would be wise to sustain yourself and your family for at least 30 days with long-lasting, healthy storable food.  30 days should act as enough insurance to protect yourself and your family from not being required to be shipped off to a gathering center, stadium, or FEMA camp.  However, if you really want to arm to the teeth with storable food, then 3, 6, or 12 Month supplies may be a wiser choice.

Let the relief organizations tend to the victims that do not have the time, funds, or know-how in getting better prepared.  Let them also tend to the victims that refused to take responsibility for themselves in gaining more knowledge, and becoming more self-sustainable & self-sufficient.

Not only is it a personal responsibility to have long term food storage in case of an emergency, but it’s a patriotic duty as Americans to alleviate the relief organizations — so they can take care of those whom are unable -or- unwilling to take care of themselves when the disasters come.

And gaining the ‘knowledge’ & ‘wisdom’ of preparing yourself, storing food, and sharing this information with your friends & family can be a lot of Fun.

It’s All About Having Control…

People can’t control…

  • People can’t control all the fake news & propaganda fed to them on a daily basis…
  • People can’t control all the natural disasters that occur around the world…
  • People can’t control the ugly man-made events that make us cringe…
  • People can’t control the tyrannical decisions made by the “Powers That Be”…
  • People can’t control relief organizations to be better prepared as they should…

However, what people can control is taking matters into their own hands, and controlling their greatest dependency by having a good supply of long-lasting, safe storable food!

And not only is storable food the ultimate control, but it also the ultimate insurance!  Storable food is real insurance!  You can’t solely rely on paper money the way the world is running right now.  Because when the stores run dry, or the dollar dies, your money will be worthless at that time anyway!

Food Storage Recipes

The EFoods Difference…

Our team has done extensive research on storable food companies trying to find one that meets our standards — and featuring them here as our preeminent choice in storable foods.

We weighed out all the aspects from each company in terms of  taste, price, nutritional value, versatility, variety, quantity, quality, shelf life, packaging, preparation methods, popularity, FREE Samples, and customer service.

And what we found was that EFoods far outweighed any other storable food company by leaps & bounds.  We’re not going to start bashing all the other companies, and listing reasons why — so we suggest you do your own research & due diligence if you’d like.  We would just like to list some key points that makes EFoods our prime choice, and why we decided to promote them here:

Nutritional Value: EFoods offers the some of the most nutritional dense dehydrated foods in the industry without compromising quality taste.  And constantly seeking out food ingredients which meet the highest standards for long term food storage in the industry.

GMO FREEeFoods takes every measure to ensure that no ingredients come from sources using GMO-(genetically modified organisms).  EFoods is the only storable food company that makes sure their is no GMO in their products.

No Added MSG: eFoods does not add in any MSG to any  of its products.  There are many studies which link MSG with obesity, food allergies, asthma, migraines, liver damage, hyperactivity, macular degeneration, Brain Damage, and other Diseases.

All Natural: This simply means that eFoods does not add in any ingredients in the foods which don’t derive from nature.  You will not find any artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives in any of the products.

No Additives or FillerseFoods takes pride in wholesome food, and never adds in food fillers, additives, or poor-quality ingredients.  Other food storage companies incorporate their foods with filler, additives and poor-quality ingredients which bulk up the weight with less expensive ingredients.

No Trans Fats or Hydrogenated Oils: Efoods does not incorporate and trans fats or Hydrogenated Oils.  Studies show these unhealthy substances increases blood insulin levels and bad cholesterol.  They also show to decrease immune response, and may be tied into coronary artery disease.

Lactose FREE: According to a report by USA Today, sixty percent of adults can’t digest milk and/or are lactose intolerant.  eFoods decided not to formulate its foods with lactose — which shows can wreak havoc on the digestive system — produce too much gas, cause cramping, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, and flatulence.  People sensitive to lactose also show higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, breast & prostate cancer.

Irradiation FREE Efoods dehydration & packaging process cancels out the need for the food to be treated by any Irradiation processes.  Studies show Irradiation can be damaging to one’s health.  Irradiation can cause a 25% reduction in nutrients and vitamin E levels.  And up to a 10% reduction in vitamin C levels.

Additional Nutrition info: , eFoods give you the option to choose recipe packages which are cholesterol free, soy free, gluten free if any of these are a ‘concern’ or ‘food sensitivity’ in your diet.

Excellent Taste: With a wide variety of choices for breakfast , baked goods, dairy, main courses, desserts, drinks, grains, and soups — Efoods continues to set the standard in food storage industry.  And it’s taste value is no exception!  Universally appealing to the palate, Edoods closely guarded recipes and flavor profiles are second to none — with many claiming it’s perfect for everyday meals.

Variety & VersatilityUniversal appeal with unmatched variety & versatility from one-week to one-year packages with Quick fix “Ready Made” meals for easy preparation or Reserve Packages to mix & match your own recipes.  All products can be served daily — for short-term(busy moms, college kids, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking), or long-term prepping.

Easy Preparation The Quick Fix meals provide a no hassle, no fuss way to preparing your food.  Just add in hot water to rehydrate the food — and in less than 20 minutes it’s ready to serve!  So quick, easy, and Fun — even a child can make them.

Packaging & Shelf LifeThe packaging partners and team at eFoods are unmatched in the dehydration process, with a combined expertise of 40+ years experience in extended shelf-life food production.  You are getting the “best of the best” in food formulation and technical aspects of moisture removal, oxygen removal, and light-barrier package protection to give foods a shelf life up to 25 years, thus keeping them nutritionally sound and retaining its flavor for long term use.

Don’t be swayed by companies claiming 30+ years shelf-life.  Dehydrated food is dehydrated food, and based on if it’s kept in a cool, dry place, and packaging.  And eFoods has bar-none the best packaging.

Affordability: – EFoods provides factory-direct foods, thus eliminating four steps in the chain of distribution making them pound-for-pound a lot less expensive as food you’d buy at the grocery store.

According to the official 2012 reports by the USDA Department of Agriculture Center for Nutrition, the average Monthly cost for a moderate meal plan of grocery shopping in the United States for a family of four-(2 Adults & 2 children(ages 2-to-11)) is $940.10.  And this is not including fast food or restaurants.

In comparison, the EFoods 1-Month Family Pack actually feeds a family of 4 Adults for $669.95 — which is a savings of $270.15 for healthy, delicious, non-GMO storable food that lasts 25+ years.  In addition to giving you piece of mind knowing you’ve prepared with at least a Month’s supply of food.

One Month Food Storage

1 Month Individual Food Pack

“Expect the best… Prepare for the worst.. Capitalize on what comes” ~ Zig Ziglar

As an individual, it may be harder to maintain during a crisis due to the fact that there is no extra help.  Thus, leaving more reason for getting even more prepared.

The one Month Individual Food storage Pack serves as minimum safety measures in your long term food storage efforts.

Have the piece of mind knowing that you will not only survive during the next downfall… but will be well-fed!

For only .99 cents/per serving, these 192 total servings of healthy, delicious food recipes will sustain an adult for up to 30 days — and is storable up to 25 years.

1 Month Family Food Storage

1 Month Family Food Pack

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” ~ Benjamin Franklin

The 1-Month Family Food Pack serves as the minimum duration for most families during a crisis — thus giving you and your family the ‘piece of mind’ knowing that you’ve prepared than most.

The 30-day family food pack provides four adults 768 servings of some of the most healthy & delicious dehydrated “ready-made” foods in existance.

Just mix in with hot water,and within 20 minutes, you’re ready to serve tasty & mouth watering meals!  You’ll wonder why anyone would ever think about going the MRE route again.

Efoods Quick fix “ready-made” meals are packed in mylar pouches for long-term storage & protection.  Foods will maintain it’s freshness & nutrition for up to 25 years.

Enjoy Efoods for breakfastsoupsentreesgrainsdrinks, and even desserts. Only .87-cents per serving

Shipped in 3 heavy-duty medium totes, which are also perfect for long-term storage.

Click on order button to learn about all the recipes available in this package.

3 Month Family Food Storage

1 Year Individual / 3 Month Family Food Pack

“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as ‘sorry a state’ as are the souls of those who live under tyranny” ~ Thomas Jefferson

8 large totes that are awaiting the arrival for the family or individual ready to take their preparations to the next level!

Providing 2,304 servings with ‘healthy’ and ‘gourmet-tasting’ storable foods!  Be prepared to feed 4 adults for 3 Months, or 1 Adult for 1 year.  Averaging .87 cents per serving.

384 breakfast servings, 480 servings of soups, 432 Entree servings, 192 servings of grains, 576 drink servings, and 240 servings for dessert.

Why prep for a disaster with the old fashioned rice & beans, or gag-reflex MRE’s — when you can TRULY go in style with some of the healthiest, tastiest  & inexpensive dehydrated food recipes in the industry up to date!

Click on order button to learn more about some of the specific type recipes available in the 1 Year Individual / 3 Month Family Food Package!
3 Month Individual Food Storage

3 Month Individual Food Storage

“Be prepared, self-reliant, and independent. Times of plenty are times to live providently and lay up in store. Times of scarcity are times to live frugally and draw on those stores” ~ Bishop Keith B. McMullin

Our current times call for each individual to really start taking matters into their own hands.  Now is the time more than ever to learn how to become more self sustainable and self sufficient.

Because frankly, if you don’t do it, then no one is going to do it for you… and that even includes the Government!

The 3-Month individual food storage pack provides one adult with 576 servings of very nutritious, healthy, and delicious storable food.  Including 96 breakfast servings, 120 soup servings, 108 entrees, 48 grain servings, 144 drinks, and 60 servings of desserts.

Click image to learn more about the recipes included in this package.

6 Month Individual Food Storage

 6 Month Individual Food Storage

“When the economies of nations fail, when famine and other disasters prevent people from buying food in stores, the Saints must be prepared to handle these emergencies” ~ Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson

People underestimate how significant & empowering it is to fully have control of your food, especially in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.  It really comes down to not knowing what something is like until you truly experience it!

There are some things in life not worth the effort, and some things that are!  The 6-Month individual food storage supply is worth every effort, and then some!

Make the right choice for yourself in 2013 and beyond with 1152 servings of good wholesome storable dehydrated foods that are just as healthy & delicious today as they will be in 25 years.

Make sure to click on image to learn more about the excellent recipes included with this package!
6 Month Family Food Storage

6 Month Family Food Storage

“If any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” ~ 1 Timothy 5:8

Remember; when an economic, man-made or natural disaster STRIKES, the time to prepare has already passed.  So don’t wait till it’s too late!

The 6 Month Family Food supply is suitable for the “die-hard prepper”, or for bigger families.

Consisting of 16 large totes of 4,608 servings of some of the most ‘delicious’ & ‘nutritious’ dehydrated foods — enough to feed 4 Adults for 6 Months.  and at only .85 cents/per serving.

Experiencing the taste & nutrition of these Quick fix “ready-made” meals may have you tossing out your canned foods for good!

Click on image to learn more about eFoods 6-Month Family Food Pack!

1 Year Family Food Storage

1 Year Family Food Storage

“Wives are instrumental in this work, but they need husbands who lead out in family preparedness. Children need parents who instill in them this righteous tradition. They will then do likewise with their children, and their stores will not fail” ~ Keith B. McMullin

Welcome to the ultimate ‘food preppers’ paradise!

This 1 year family food storage supply pretty much guarantees  you & your family enough ‘SAFETY’ & ‘SECURITY’ from hunger and starvationand never having to worry about being shipped off to a FEMA camp!

This package serves as the “Ultimate Insurance” from generally any type of major disasters or major crisis.

Including an astounding 9,216 servings, feeding 4 adults just over 6 servings per day for 1 year — at a measly  .81 cents per serving!

‘Save money’, ‘save time’, and maybesave lives’ with eFoods one year food storage package!

Click on image to learn more about the wide variety of  foods & recipes included in this amazing package!



It’s sad to see how domesticated & dependent the average American has become!  Frankly speaking, most people wouldn’t survive more than a few weeks without the local food market or Government assistance of some kind.

So, now it’s your time…  It’s your choice…  And it’s your chance… to ‘take matters’  into you own hands!  And without having to worry about  how… when… or why?  Or who’s going to support you, or save you when, and if  that time comes!

So make the right choice! And become more wise in your food storage and food preparations!

Frankly speaking, you’d be crazy if you rely on anybody but yourself for food survival.  Don’t wait till it’s too late!  And remember!  It’s better to have it, and not need it… then need it, and not have it.

If you can take anything away from what we’ve shared on this page — we hope you at least acquired some knowledge that can help you, and/or your family in your long term food storage efforts.

“Make preparations in advance… you won’t have trouble if you are prepared for it” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

“Every Man Who Hath Been Warned Should Warn His Neighbor”

A powerful message taken from the scriptures, and holds very true in our modern day.  It’s a sad fact, but the “powers that be” are making it quite clear that they don’t want us to be self-sufficient.  We hear the horror stories everyday of them shutting down farms, draconian gun laws, and executive orders on energy & sustainability.

Sharing this knowledge is powerful in the respect of helping people getting better prepared and more self sufficient.  Maybe you have a family memberfriend or neighbor that may appreciate this information.

Please share this page, in helping us in make the world a better, saferhealthier, and more self-sufficient place to live.