How To Survive A Water Crisis

Are you prepared??

– Are you prepared… to gather, store, filter, and drink water from a pool, pond, puddle, river, stream, or even a toilet in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, government failure, or water main break?

– Are you prepared… to filter large amounts of water without a sink, electricity, or filtering sources that are either too small, or ineffective against certain bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemicals?

– Are you prepared… with the right ‘tools’ & ‘know-how’ for transporting water, in the event you don’t have storable water at your home? Or if you run out of water at home, and need to refill?

– Are you prepared… to capture, gather, and store water from a rain storm in a safe, effective, and discreet manner?

– Are you prepared… with additional water storage for weeks, or Months in the event of an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, massive wild-fire, tsunami, floods, solar storm, etc.?

– Are you prepared… with enough storable water to survive with your family for more than a year in the event of a major disaster such as wide scale flooding, industrial explosions, terrorist attacks, war, or severe weather?

Fact remains…

The high majority of people in the U.S. are not prepared.  Frankly, around 99% of people would answer ‘NO’ to all of the questions above.  And sadly, 99% of people probably wouldn’t survive a week if there was any kind of aforementioned disasters.

And besides any natural disaster, terrorist attack, government failure, or wars causing a water crisis; there are countless water crisis facts that we need to wise-up to such as uranium & lithium in our water… lakes & rivers being sucked dry by foreign corporations… water being sneaked out to Asia… multinational corporations making deals with governments to privatize our water… and the bottle water industry wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. You can learn more about this by reading our article — Are You Ready For The Water Crisis?

This page is more focused on How To Survive A Water Crisis?  And it serves as the first step in preparation and self-sustainability when it comes to water gathering, water storage solutions and off-the-grid water filtering.

In addition to educating you, this page was also designed to lead you in the right direction for becoming more self-sufficient, better prepared, and taking your life and your family’s life into your own hands in any type of water crisis situation.

Why Preparing For A Water Crisis Is Important?

Our reliance on water…

First off, water is without question the #1 top-priority for survival preparedness.  In the U.S., water is a resource which we’ve been babied with for so long that we fail to realize how significant it is for keeping us clean, hydrated, and alive on a day-to-day basis.

Most people don’t realize this, but the average US Citizen uses up to 90 gallons of water per day.  This may sound unbelievable, and you can do your own research if you like.  But figures like this really go to show how much we take water for granted; and how much it actually plays a role in our lives.

90 gallons of water usage per day can be summed up as the following: Bath/shower water, Teeth brushing, hands/face washing, shaving, dish-washing, laundry, cleaning cars, watering gardens, toilet flushing, drinking water, cooking water, etc.  Most people incorporate the majority of these activities in their daily life, so it’s not hard to see how dependent we’ve become on water to survive.

Facts of ‘water survival’ no one realizes until…

The average human can survive for about 3 weeks without food.  And this could be less or more dependent on a persons weight.  So skinny people may not live that long.  But heavier people can live longer because they have more fat, protein, and muscle storage for the body to eat .

Now in regards to water…

The average human will die in 5-7 days without drinking water…Period.  And this is NOT dependent on size, weight, male, female, strength, or anything!   But what it is dependent upon is temperature settings.

So if a disaster takes out your electricity, then you don’t have air conditioning.   And if it’s really hot outside, and you don’t have access to water, then that number will drop down to 2 – 4 days survival, regardless of who you are.

In extreme heat, adults lose 1/2 gallon of water per hour through sweat alone, which leads to dehydration, organ failure, and eventually death in a matter of a few days if you don’t have access to drinkable water.

Natural disasters that can break or disrupt the functioning of water-mains, water-pipes, sewage systems, gas & electricity.  The loss or breakdown of these everyday services can have a detrimental effect on our water.

The U.S. is experiencing over-whelming tragedies and emergencies in the last decade.  We see increased earthquake activity, disastrous hurricanes on the coastal regions, and  massive wild-fires burning throughout  the western states.

Natural disasters disrupt hundreds of thousands of people every year.  Local Governments, and disaster relief programs always try their best to provide relief.  However, we see time & time again — that after many natural disasters, the relief efforts by first-responders are not getting their for sometimes weeks.  And people are left to fend for themselves.

Seeing some of the recent natural disasters on the news such as the earthquakes in japan & Haiti, the Tsunami in the Indian ocean, and hurricane Katrina in Louisiana  has stirred the consciousness of many Americans — thus prompting them to re-assess how prepared they are at home in case of such a disaster.

Having access to clean drinkable water is generally a top priority for all preppers.  And during emergencies and disasters, it important to have enough water for drinking, hygeine, cleaning, and preparing food.

3 Key Factors To Water Prepping In An ‘Off-The-Grid’ Situation…

There are generally ‘3 key factors’ to follow in water preparedness — and especially when off the grid.  And this is to ensure that you are doing it in the safest, easiest, and most efficient manner.

  • Water Gathering
  • Water Storage
  • Water Filtering

And it’s important to note: they don’t necessarily have to be in that order.  Obviously, you have to first gather the water; but then you can filter it before you store it, or vice-versa.  This is really dependent on the tools, situation, or preference.

Water Storage, Gathering & Filtering Solutions

Below are some ideas, systems, and tools we feel are best suited for anyone who is serious about preparing for a water crisis, or water shortage.  We have researched the entire industry to bring forward what we feel is the “best-of-the-best” in terms of price, effectiveness & efficiency.  This is the general arsenal for any serious water prepper; and it also serves as a great place to start.
Berkey Water System

Berkey Water System

Finally!  The perfect “off-the-grid’ water filtration & purification system that doesn’t require any electricity or water pressure to operate… like other types of filters.

The berkey system is the newest technology of gravity fed filters which filters & purifies any type of water you come across — a lake, pond, stream, pool, or puddle.  It can also serve as an excellent source for collecting and transferring rain water.

The Berkey Water System eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, and dangerous chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, and radon 222.

In addition, it also reduces nitrites, nitrates, and any dangerous minerals like lead & mercury. This Royal Berkey is so efficient, it can remove all these harmful elements from water to levels higher than 99.99999%.

And all while leaving in the beneficial minerals that your body needs like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  Making the Berkey the Gold Standard in gravity filtration.

Use the Berkey in your house to protect from all harmful contaminants, and for survival situations where you may not fully trust the municipal water supply.  The Berkey also offers optional fluoride filters if you’re worried about fluoride in your tap water.

And If the grid goes down, and their’s no power to run the pumps, or well water,  then you have to look for alternative sources for getting and storing water.  Taking contaminated water, and turning it into safe drinking water can mean the difference between life & death in any type of water crisis situation.

The Berkey is so powerful that it even has the ability of filtering out food coloring, which you can test for yourself.

There are 5 different berkey water system sizes to choose from: travel, big, royal, imperial & crown.  The royal berkey is the most popular, due to it being mid-level size.  It comes equipped with 2 black filters, with each filter capable of filtering 3000 gallons of water.

The Berkey system is a convenient and maintenance free system where you only have to clean out the chambers once a month with soap & water.

Berkey vs other systems…

– No other system has been able to replicate the overall performance of the Berkey water system.  It’s convenient to use, fast filtering, removes more contaminants, requires no electricity, and a better taste that will truly speak for itself.

– The Berkey lasts up to 3000 gallons per filter, which is longer than most filter solutions on the market today.

– The Berkey has the ability to collapse the two chambers, folding them in on themselves for better storage and portability in an emergency situation.

– You can fill up the Berky system with pond water, let it go through the filters, and then drink it right out of the bottom faucet.  The advantage of this is you don’t have to add chemicals(Iodine or Chlorine) to the water like you do with other systems.  The Berkey has it’s own purification mechanism within the filters.

– The Berky water system makes the water more alkaline and healthy for the body; unlike reverse osmosis & distillation which removes all the minerals from the water making the water more acidic and harmful to your body.

– The Berky system is the best way to provide safe, clean, fresh, mineral-rich, and best tasting drinkable water for everyday use, and during a water crisis.  It covers all the bases of everything you ever wanted in a water filter.  If you are looking for the best water filtration & purification systems, then look no further. Try the Berkey to see why it is the most trusted name in water filtration.

2 cents/per gallon (vs) 12 cents/per gallon…

In addition to being considered one of the best water filtration & purification systems on the market, it is also one of the least expensive.  Other water filtration systems on the market cost on average 12 cents/per gallon of water filtered.  The Berkey works out to be less than 2 cents/per gallon of water filtered.

With the berkey water system, you are getting the best of the best in terms of price, efficiency, technology, performance, portability & convenience!  So what are you waiting for?  Scroll up and order your Berkey water system today.
Water Barrel Containers

Water Barrel Containers

It is no secret the importance of having a good supply of clean water for drinking, hygiene, cooking, and cleaning in case of an emergency.

The Ready Store supplies the 15, and 30 Gallon Water Barrels, which are ideal for storing water for weeks or months at a time.  These water barrels are designed specifically for storing your water safely & efficiently, allowing for both indoor & outdoor use.

You can use these water barrel containers in a wide variety of ways.  Simply fill them up with tap water, cap it up, and filter it out later with an ‘off the-grid’ gravity filter such as the Berky filter system.

Or you can first filter your water with the Berkey or ProPur systems, and then transfer it into these water barrels for future use.

Water Barrels Features & Specs…

The blue color barrel walls are designed specifically to block out harmful UV rays, in the prevention of algae and bacteria growth — which makes it safe for both indoors & outdoors.

They are made with a sealed-top, which will prevent from any leakage or bacteria from getting in.  You can store or access your water from 2 openings at the top of the barrels.  And these openings come with 2 threaded caps which can screw in for an airtight seal.

The material of both the 15 & 30 gallon water barrels consist of high-grade BPA-Free, 100% non-toxic food grade plastic.  Thus making them safe for long-term use, and a top-priority for pregnant women, infants, and children.  Watch video below to learn more.

15 gallon Water Barrel

The 15 Gallon Barrel is a convenient size for both water storage & versatility.  Built with ‘heavy duty’ handles, this water barrel is both easy to move, and easy to store!

30 Gallon Water Barrel

The 30 gallon barrel is not as portable as the 15 gallon barrel, but it wasn’t meant to be.  It’s too heavy, so its better to leave it in one spot.  30 gallons of water can prep 2 people with 2 gallons of water per day for a little over a week.

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55 Gallon Water Barrel

The 55 gallon barrel can save you some money and space, as opposed to buying multiple 30 gallon barrels.  The Ready Store does not supply these.  You can learn more about clicking here.
250 Gallons Water Tank

250 Gallon Water Tank

Would you rather take your water storage efforts to the next level?  And truly be prepared in the unlikely event of a major disaster or water crisis?

The 250 Gallon Water Tank is the ultimate in Long Term Water Storage to protect you and your family in the case of a water emergency.

This heavy duty water tank Is considered top of the line in the industry — made with some of the highest-grade materials.

Save Space… Save Time…

The 250 Gallon Water Tank’s  footprint takes up the same amount of space as the 55 gallon water barrel.  However, this tank holds almost 5 times that amount of water.

The 250 Gallon Water Tank Is only 30 inches wide, so you can fit it through through most doorways.  And it measures only 7.16 feet high to easily fit in your garage, basement, or generally any room in your house.

Keep Your Family Safe For Months…

250 gallons of water can keep a family of 4 hydrated with 1 gallon of drinking water per day for just over 2 Months.  And water for 2 people can survive up to 4 Months.

Obviously — water for hygiene, cooking, and cleaning will shorten that duration.  This goes to show how important it is to have Long Term Water Storage — especially for an average household.

Additional Features & Benefits…
  • FDA Approved, BPA-Free food grade plastic w/ extra thick walls.
  • Spring loaded water caps to keep water flowing, and avoid air-lock.
  • Grove ridges for allowing you to strap the tank to the wall for extra safety from being tipped over.
  • Two heavy-duty brass valves (top & lower valve) — designed for reliability, longevity, and robust use.
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Katadyn Vario Water Filter

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

How would you like to have a small & portable filtration device that weighs less than one pound that can filter lake water, pool water, pond water, puddle water, or any contaminated water source?

What happens if the grid goes down, and you run out of water at home?

Then you would need something small enough… and light enough that you can just throw into a back-pack along with some empty bottles to fill up from alternative sources such as a lake, pool, pond, or puddle — and return back home with.


Introduced back in 2007, the katadyn vario water filter has already become the world’s best selling water filter.  And is generally the primary filtration device for preppers, hikers, and campers.  This is mainly due to its reliability, versatility, technology, and convenience factor.

It uses the newest technology making it one of the most unique water filters in the industry.  It is highly effective against filtering out 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, protozoa, cysts, chemicals, toxins, particulates and contaminants that you don’t want in your drinking water.


The Katadyn vario water filter is ultra compact measuring only 7.5″ * 3.8″, weighing less than one pound, and
manufactured with a dual-action piston-pump making it extremely fast and simple to use!  Just simply place the pre-filter into the water source, pump the handle, and The Katadyn Vario will filter up to 2 liters per minute.

The Katadyn Vario allows for quick & easy connection to almost any standard wide-mouth water bottles & containers.  Easily attach to hydration packs, and screw directly on top of water bottles.


The Katadyn Vario water filter is the only filter in the industry that has an adjustable filter mechanism that’s best suited for each water source or water condition.  This allows for longer life of the filters, or faster flow.

The technology incorporates 3 filtration systems: #1) 1-micron ceramic pre-filter disc for extending the life of the primary filter by trapping large particles. #2) a high-performance 0.3 micron glass fiber filter #3) and a granular activated carbon/charcoal filter.

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Feel Secure With The Katadyn…

The katadyn vario has passed the EPA testing standard for water prification on the micro-biological level. This means that you can count on the katadyn vario to filter out 99.99% of harmful bacteria and microbial cysts.  In addition to reducing chemicals, pesticides, odors, and greatly improving the taste of the water.
Bathtub Water Storage

Bathtub Water Storage

Many people smartly fill up their bathtub with water when they get emergency news of a major disaster.

However,  there are major problems with storing water in an open bathtub.  First off, water can easily become stagnated and contaminated by airborne bacteria, debris, dirt, and other contaminants.

In addition, open tub water is subject to pick up the tub’s dirt, soap scum, molds, fungi, and bacteria.

Do you want to eash with this water?  Cook with this water?  Or drink this water?

Introducing The WaterBob!

The WaterBob turns any standard bathtub into an emergency fresh-water reserve!  Safely storing up to 100 gallons, and serving as an excellent tactic for storing an excess amount of fresh-water for drinking, cleaning, washing, bathing, flushing, etc.

WaterBob Material…

The WaterBob includes a Large Bladder liner that’s capable of storing up to Up to 100 gallons of water.  It is a FDA approved, and BPA Free Heavy-Duty food-grade material.

It also includes a siphon pump that easily dispenses the water into pitchers, jugs, or your berkey system for filtration purposes.

Click Play on video below to learn more about the WaterBob…

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Simple To Use…

The WaterBob is very simple to install and use.  Just lay the 100-Gallon WaterBob container in your bathtub, attach the fill sock to the nozzle, and then fill it up.  It will reach maximum capacity within about 20 minutes.  It’s as simple as that!

Be Ultra Prepared…

If you have more than one bathtub in your house, it may be wise to get additional WaterBob’s for extra security — especially if you have a big family -or- your located in a region that is more prone to disasters.

Stackable WaterBrick Containers

Stackable WaterBrick Containers

These stackable WaterBrick containers are considered to be one of the overall best water preparedness items in the market today — in terms of portability, durability, and storage flexibility.

Storage Flexibility

Manufactured with a ‘lego-like’ stackable configuration — these unique WaterBrick containers slide, slip & build onto each other to conserve the WaterBricks, in addition to saving a tremendous amount of floor-space.

Each stackable water container holds 3.5 gallons of water, measures 9″ by 18″ by 6″, and can fit into many small spots in your home or garage.

Stack them horizontally -or- vertically in your garage, basement, pantries, closets, under beds -or- desks, etc.

WaterBrick Portability

The included handles makes it easy for transporting the WaterBricks, or in a grab-&-go emergency situation.  In addition to preparing for a water crisis, they are also popular for camping, boating, car/truck transportation, and excursions on all-terrain vehicles.

They also come equipped with two structural holes in the middle — which allow them to fastened -or- tied down during transportation.

Also Store Food…

In addition to storing water, these stackable water containers have a wide diameter lid for also storing food such as rice, beans, salt, pet-food, etc.

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Unmatched Durability…

FDA approved & BPA free, these rugged WaterBrick containers are made up of 100% non-toxic food-grade — (HDPE) high density polyethylene material.  One WaterBrick container filled with water can withstand a fall from a 30 foot building with no cracks or leaks.
Canned drinking water for emergencies

Emergency Canned Water

Preparing for a water crisis can be time consuming, and rather difficult for the average person.  Some people may not have the time to research, prepare, filter, store, or rotate water in their home.

Many prefer to keep it simple as possible — having safe and clean water already stored away, and ready to access anytime.   And all without having to worry about the water going bad, or rotating it.

Introducing World Grocer Emergency Canned Water!  All you have to do is open the top and it’s ready to be used!

30 Year Shelf Life…

These emergency canned waters have a 30+ year shelf-life.  So you can just store away, never having to worry about the water becoming contaminated, rotating them, or adding in any chemicals or purification tablets.

In addition, these heavy duty cans are manufactured from military-grade material, and are BPA-Free.

Supply Duration…

There are three supply duration’s to choose from.  These numbers reflect how long one person will be supplied with drinkable water for:

  • 2 Week Supply: 24 cans — 28 ounces each can — total of 672 ounces
  • 3 Month Supply: 144 cans — 28 ounces each can — total of 4032 ounces
  • 1 Year Supply: 576 cans — 28 ounces each can — total of 16,128 ounces

In the unlikely event of a disaster strike, you may need to have water packed and ready-to-go — just in case there is no time -or- place to fill water bottles.  Or their is no time or place to buy water bottles for that matter.  This is where emergency canned water can serve a major purpose.


If you are squared away in your water preparation efforts, you may want to check out our our Long Term Food Storage recommendations.  There you will find some really great info on the best ways to prepare when it comes to food.

It’s no secret of how vital water is to our survival and well-being.  You are on this page, so you are taking a step in the right direction.  These products are top of the line when it comes to long term water storage and water shortage solutions.

However, if all the aforementioned product are overwhelming; realize that you now have the proper guidance to get started.  Pick and choose what would be best suited your lifestyle, family, and home.  Good luck in your water storage preparations!

And feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any questions, comments, or feedback — or you can reach us at