How To Make An Emergency Butter Candle

If you have ever been in a power outage stuck without candles, you know it’s not fun!  And if you haven’t, you don’t want to be there.  Unless of course, you have an Oil lamp or lantern.  But most people don’t have these, so they end up scavenging around the house in the dark. Or they end up killing the batteries in their flashlight.

But there is another candle alternative that hardly anybody knows about. And it may be sitting right in there fridge. And that is a stick of butter. This original idea was thought up by Grant Thompson. And is a highly effective, yet simple emergency tip to implement as it only requires a piece of toilet paper, and a stick of butter.

What I Need To Make Butter CandleStep #1 – Section Out Butter

Lay the packet of butter on top of the strands of toilet paper.  If its the shorter/wider butter pack, then just cut it straight down the middle. If it’s the longer narrower pack, then cut it in 3 or 4 equidistant sections.

And When cutting, make sure you use a sharp knife, and hold one of the ends firmly enough to prevent the the paper from binding and ripping as you cut down through the stick of butter.

make the wickStep #2 – Make the Wick

Take one square piece of toilet paper and some scissors and cut it into quarters, so you now end up with 4 small squares with equal sides.

Fold one of the small squares diagonally, and twist it tightly in a wick-like fashion.  Then fold up a bottom portion of the wick so it looks like a hook.

Set Up Wick for Butter Candle

Step #3 – Setup & Insert Wick

Set the wick up against the side of the butter candle to ensure that it is 1/4 inch taller.

Then with a skewer or a toothpick, poke a hole in the center all the way to the bottom.  Now set your wick over the hole, and use the toothpick to push it to the bottom.  Then twist the toothpick out from the butter.

Now add some starter fuel to the wick by rubbing it around in the butter until its nicely coated.


Light Butter Candle Step #4 – Light Candle and Set Up

When lighting candle, make sure to hold flame at the base of the wick so it helps to heat up the butter.

Once lit, each section of butter should burn for 2-4 hours.  For a 4 ounce stick, you can get up to 8 hours of candlelight time.  Not a bad backup idea if can’t find any candles.  And may even be healthier for your lungs.

If you have a problem with the wick falling over and going out, you can make a firmer wick by straightening out a paperclip, and then wrapping your wick around the paperclip for extra support.

Instead, you can drop the butter candle into a glass to help keep the flame steady.  Try this technique tonight, and them come back here and let us know how it worked out for you.

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