How to Escape from Smith & Wesson Double Lock Handcuffs

Wouldn’t you like to know how to escape from professional handcuffs like Harry Houdini, James Bond, or Macgyver?  And you never know?  Having this knowledge may save your life one day if you’re ever held captive; forcibly confined, subjugated, or enslaved by any bad guys, terrorists, or foreign enemies.

Many people already know you can use a paperclip or bobby pin to escape from handcuffs .  But they don’t know the correct techniques for accomplishing this task.  Our friend Kipkay made a video which we posted below showing you how to escape from Smith & Wesson Model 100 Double Lock Handcuffs. We also provide step-by-step image instructions below…

 Prep The Bobby PinPrep The Bobby Pin

You may be thinking where am I going to get a bobby pin?  First off, you’d be surprised how many MacGyverisms  you can perform with a bobby pin; which we will be sharing soon — such as picking pad locks, and door locks.  So, get a couple bobby pins and wedge them in your wallet so you always have them just in case.

First peel away the protective plastic covering at the ends of the bobby pins.  Then pry it open to about 120 degrees.  Now put one end of the bobby pin into the keyhole as you see in fig. #3, and bend it 90 degrees.  Then take it out, and reversing the pin bend it the other way.  So now your bobby pin should look like it does in figure #4.

unlock the handcuffsUnlock The Handcuffs

Insert the end of the bobby pin into the keyhole, and at the very edge, you want to bend the bobby pin down.  this will release the ratchet, and open the jaws on the handcuffs.

Now if they’ve been double-locked, insert the bobby pin in the keyhole on the other side.  Release the double-lock.  And then turn the bobby pin around, and re-insert it to release the ratchet and open the jaw.

You may not get it the first couple of tries.  But with a little practice, you should be able to slip out of handcuffs in under 10 seconds — once you’ve prepped the bobby pin of course.

This escape is a lot of fun to learn, and is something you can impress your friends or your kids with.  Good Luck!

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