How To Build A Ceiling Mount For Your Projector

Do you have a projector that you would like to mount to your ceiling, but don’t want to spend $200 to $300 on a ceiling mount.  Well, you’re in luck!  Our friend Lou at taught us a very simple and cost-effective way for building one.  We will provide step-by-step video & image instructions on how to build a projector ceiling mount for under $10.  Read more below.

Projection Mount MaterialsStep #1 – Materials & Tools Needed

– Screws or Bolts to screw into projector – (the bottom of your projector should say what size/type screw is needed)
– Ratchet or Screwdriver – (depending on whether it is a screw or bolt to screw in projector)
– 3 inch dry-wall screws
– Custom made little metal/wood plate – (see video of size and shape of plate)
– Large plate – made of metal, wood or plexiglass – (see video of size and shape of plate)
– Cutting tool – to cut and shape plates – (shears, saws, snips)
Drill to drill holes into your plates, and screws into ceiling.

Mount Plate To ProjectorStep #2 – Mount Plate To Projector

Trace and measure the large plate against the back-end portion of your projector.  Also trace and measure the distance of where the screws are located on projector.  Now compare measurements so you know exactly where to drill the holes.

Make sure the plate sticks over the back-end of the device about an inch.  If it doesn’t, then make any necessary measurements or cuts on the plate so this is so.  Then line everything up and screw in the large plate to the projector.

On the opposite end, take the small u-shaped plate, and line it up with the hole, and then screw in to the projector.

Mount Projector To CeilingStep #3 – Mount Projector To Ceiling

Mounting the Projector to the ceiling is a simple process.  The small plate mounted on the projector serves as the hook.  So first drill in a 3-inch drywall screw into a ceiling wood-beam or anchor.

Then slide the hook and the projector into the screw.  And now with the exposed back-plate, drill in the other dry-wall screws to fasten it in place.

Once the nuts are drilled in, you can use a screwdriver to adjust it ‘up & down’, thus adjusting the tilt of the projector to find a balanced image on your wall.


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