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Throughout the beginning of recorded human history, we were involved in the cultivation of land; taking the seeds of plants and replanting them again and again as the ultimate act of food self-sufficiency.

However, we have become less accustomed to the cultivation of land over time as we have become more dependent on commercial foods.  The good news is we are starting to see a turn for the better.

More people are becoming more awakened and more conscious to whats really going on in the world; realizing that they’d better become more educated and more self-reliant, especially when it comes to food.

We see it time and time again in the world when economies fail… governments fall apart… or disasters strike… many times people are left to fend for themselves.  So, it should be of no surprise why people are starting to take emergency preparedness more seriously.

Heirloom Seeds -vs- Hybrid Seeds -vs- GMO Seeds?

There is a lot of misconceptions and misguided information on the web in regards to the differences between hybrid, heirloom, and GMO seeds.  We’ve done extensive research and compiled the differences into a nutshell below…

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrids are the product of guided reproduction.  The normal and natural process of developing non-hybrid, open-pollinated varieties using classic breeding methods takes 6 – 10 generations.  This is not the case with Hybrid seeds.  Hybridization methods speeds up that process 6 – 10 times.

Using a method of controlled crossing, they can now produce seed that combines the desired traits of two different parent lines in just the the first generation.  This new variety is commonly referred to as the “F1 hybrid”.  And because the F1 hybrid seeds won’t produce their own offspring, gardeners and farmers are forced to buy new seeds each and every year.

Hybrid seeds that most retailers sell, aren’t sterile, meaning you can’t harvest seeds from these crops and use them over and over again.

And in the event F1 hybrids do produce their own offspring, the produce from those seeds (2nd generation) – will more-than-likely not share the same traits from the 1st generation F1 hybrid seed.  Subsequent generation hybrid seeds lack the vigor and bio-photonic nature to grow.

The idea is you don’t save the seeds to replant them.  The production of F1 Hydrid seeds really come down to money, consumption & control — thus ‘YOU’ remaining dependent on purchasing new F1 hybrid seeds from the seed companies year after year.

F1 Hybrid produce is more dangerous to one’s health due to the fact that more dangerous petrochemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals are required to grow them.  And many farms were forced to buy these chemicals to help grow the seed.  You can get read an article about all the horror stories hybrid seeds have had on farmers around the world; and how a handful of multinational corporations put them out of business.

GMO Seeds

GMO’s or “genetically modified organisms,” is the “grand-daddy” of cartoon level insanity when you start to see it for what it REALLY is.

So what are GMO’s?

GMO’s / (genetically modified organisms): are animals, plants, or seeds that have been altered using genetic engineering techniques.

GMO’s are created in labs using highly complex technologies — such as gene splicing.  GMO varieties can include genes from several different species — genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals.  Genes are commonly transferred from one kingdom to another, for example; bacteria to vegetables, -or- animals to vegetables, -or-  bacteria to seeds; thus breaching the species barriers set up in the laws of nature.

For example, they have spliced fish genes into tomatoes.  Why?  Because they wanted tomatoes more resistant to cold storage and frost.  Monsanto also inserted a gene from a bacteria, bacillus thuringiensis into corn to combat a corn eating worm.  This corn currently makes up more than 60% of the corn production in the U.S.

So, if a worm eats our corn and dies… what do you think it ‘s doing to us long-term?

And to be more specific in regards to seeds, most GMO seeds are created to produce their own insecticides, which is just another poisonous substance used for killing insects.

This brings up many questions — Do you want GMO in your food?  Do you want GMO in your seeds?  Do you want GMO in your body?

So are GMO seeds safe?

A growing body of evidence connects GMOs with a wide array of health problems and environmental damage.  Most developed nations do not consider GMO’s safe.  In over 60 countries worldwide; European Union, Japan & Australia — just to name a few — there are strict restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMO’s.

Testing of GMO seeds has occurred in other countries, and it takes investigative journalism, and books like Seeds of Deception: Exposing the Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating.  This book really gets to the meat and potatoes of this issue.

Why are GMO’s allowed in the U.S.?

The U.S. government has approved GMO’s based on research and studies conducted by the same corporations that created the GMO foods.  Currently In the U.S., GMO’s are in 60 to 70 percent of foods on supermarket shelves.  And the wildest thing is most people have no idea.

Monsanto, a Biotech giant claims that the GMO seeds they produce are so unique that they need to be patented.  Monsanto even refuses to allow scientists to obtain and study their GMO seeds.

Fact remains that people want to know if the food they purchase contains GMO’s, however lobbying efforts have succeeded in producing these seeds and foods without mandatory labeling.

However, Americans are really starting to wake up to the dangers of GMO’s, and starting to take matters into their own hands.

Heirloom Seeds

A “heirloom” is traditionally anything of value, and considered something worth passing down from generation to generation.  A heirloom seed, therefore is seed that has been passed from one generation to another, carefully grown and saved because its value.

There are four major factors which contribute heirloom seeds value; flavor, adaptability, hardiness & productivity. These diverse little jewels have been grown, saved and passed down for many generations, reaching as far back as 300+ years.  These heirlooms have proven their value to people for an very long time.

Heirloom seeds produce foods that are far more nutritious, and more diverse in taste than GMO, hybrid, or even organic produce.  Yes, even organic!   Most people don’t realize that the organic produce they find at the supermarket, or at their local health food store is almost exclusively hybrid produce.

With heirloom produce, you will have a mouth-watering experience unlike any GMO, hybridized, and even the organic foods that you’re used to eating from supermarket produce.

Heirloom seeds are Open-pollinated, Non-Hybrid, and Non-GMO – which have gone through it’s natural breeding and growing processes, as opposed to GMO, or Hybrid foods.

What’s best about heirloom seeds is that they can be harvested from the plant; saved, and replanted year after year after year; and the same exact variety will re-grow year.. after year.. after year.  Which is a far cry from GMO and Hybridized seeds.

Here is video from our friend Sarah talking about the differences between Heirloom and Organic…

Check out our Heirloom Seeds Below

Time To Get Serious…

We see it time & time again Governments and relief organizations dragging their feet on so many issues.  So, are you really going to depend on them coming to your rescue in the event of a major economic crisis, natural disaster, wars, or government  breakdown.

Fact remains, many times families, or even whole towns are left to fend for themselves.  And it’s pretty plain to see if you’ve been watching the news lately.  Or just ask the families that were involved in Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy.

Although this may seem bad, it is causing more and more people to wake up!  People are getting more serious in their preparation efforts.  People are also becoming more conscious of the dangerous GMO’s and high levels of toxic chemicals, metals & preservatives in the foods.  People are becoming more responsible and more self-reliant, especially when it comes to food.

And what better way than to have your own garden which produces “better than organic” foods that are not only more nutritious… but are much better tasting!  And “BEST OF ALL”, are Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated  and Heirloom so that it re-produces its own seeds to harvest and use Again.. and Again.. and Again!  Year.. after Year.. after Year!

Pay once for a lifetime of fruits, veggies, and herbs… and take care of yourself and your family, and feel secure in your preparations.  The way we were always meant to be…  self-sustainable, self-sufficient, self-reliant & FREE!
SeedSafe Heirloom Seeds

SeedSafe 7-Acre Mega Garden

“One should eat to live, not live to eat” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Introducing the “SeedSafe 7-Acre Mega Garden” – the ultimate heirloom seed package for big families or vast lands!

Never again worry about growing a fresh, wholesome garden to take care of yourself, or your family.  There’s enough heirloom seeds in the Ultimate Mega Garden package to plant 7 full acre’s worth of crops.

And you aren’t just investing in seeds to fill up 7 acres for one year — you’re investing in a heirloom garden that keeps giving seeds that can last beyond your lifetime.

The Mega Garden Contains 300,000 seeds with 27 different fruit & veggie varieties to promote a well balanced diet. And providing a wide array of vitamins & nutrients to get all the essentials you and your family need each day…

…including tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet corn, watermelon, squash, pumpkins, beets, eggplant, onions, jalapenos, and many many others.  Fill your garden with a wide variety of wholsome, tasty, healthy, and mouth watering little goodies that can be prepared in thousands of different recipes!

The MegaGarden is the ultimate insurance, has a 5 year shelf-life, and can serve as your backup food source in almost any disaster or economic crisis.  Excellent for those times when food is scarce or when money is tight.  Almost 300,000 seeds that can serve as little gems generating you extra income, or can trade for other goods in tough times.

And GET THIS!  You would pay over $510,000 at the grocery store for the same exact produce the “7-Acre MegaGarden” seeds can yield for you.  Except the MegaGarden produce will be much freshermore nutritious… and better tasting by leaps & bounds…

…How do you like that for self-sufficiency!?

The MegaGarden package also comes with a planting guide, so you know exactly when and where to plant your seeds.  Click on image above for more information.
SeedSafe Ready Garden

SeedSafe 1-Acre Ready Garden

“As we become self-reliant, we will be prepared to face challenges with confidence and peace of mind” ~ Robert D. Hales

Why worry about the next disaster, financial crises, or food-borne illness when you don’t have to?

Now, is the time more than ever to finally learn about, store away, and grow your own heirloom seeds. And to really get to the foundation of what it means to live a self-reliant lifestyle.

Introducing the “SeedSafe 1-Acre Ready Garden” – the most popular choice for the average family.  This package includes 25,000 heirloom seeds to fill up to 1-Acre sized gardens.  Has all the essential fruits & vegetables that your body needs on a daily basis.

You can be sure that you never run out of produce again as it will keep reproducing heirlooms seeds year after year after year.

You would pay over $42,000 at the grocery store for the same exact produce the “1-Acre ReadyGarden” seeds can Produce for you… with one exception; the ReadyGarden produce will be much fresher… much healthier… and better tasting by leaps & bounds.

Our ReadyGarden package also comes with a planting guide for optimum yields, so you’ll know exactly when and where to plant your heirloom seeds.  Click on image to learn more.
SeedSafe Beginners Heirloom Seeds

SeedSafe Beginners Garden

“We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine gun” ~ George Orwell

Most people prepare by buying bulks of canned goods to store away in case the %#!+ really hits the fan.  Although this may be a good idea for long-term food storage.  It is not the best option for one’s health.

Many canned foods are shown to Contain Bisphenol-A, sulfites, preservatives, and deadly bacteria.  So, it’s not really healthy, or self-sustainable to have canned foods as your only long-term-food-storage option.  If anything, it should serve as a back-up to something healthier, safer, and more self-sustainable.

It’s a no-brainer to stock up on the basics such as rice, beans, wheat. salt, etc., sticking up on the right kind of seeds, and having the right garden will bring you extra piece of mind & security.

Which is why the “Seed Safe Beginners Garden” is the perfect choice, even for those that don’t have a green thumb.  Also good for those that have smaller yards or gardens.

This kit comes with an extensive growing guide to learn all about planting, harvesting, care, and even seed collecting.  You will learn how to yield the maximum crop as you grow your garden.

Comes with nearly 10,000 Seeds, with 10 different seed varieties.. such as Tomato, carrots, peas, spinach, onions, melons, squash, corn, sweet peppers, and pole beans.

You would pay over $17,000 at the grocery store for the same exact produce our “SeedSafe Beginners Garden” seeds can Produce for you… with one exception; the “SeedSafe Beginners Garden” produce will be much fresher… much healthier… and better tasting by leaps & bounds.

If you’re new to gardening, or want to start somewhere in becoming more self-reliant, our  “Seed Safe Beginners Garden” is a great place to start.  Click on image to learn more.

SeedSafe Herb Garden

SeedSafe Herb Garden

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” ~ Jim Rohn

Spice up your garden like a true prepper -or- an expert gardener.  Introducing the “SeedSafe Herb Garden” – beautify your garden, and add a heavenly scent that will truly make you proud.

Not only will your garden be more beautiful, and smell wonderful, but will also bring more freshness & nutrition to the foods you eat.

The SeedSafe Herb Garden Kit comes with a wide variety of heirloom seeds to get you up and running with your garden, or you can store seeds away for for when you need them.

Enjoy basil, garlic, cilantro, chives, oregano, parsley, dill, thyme & sage.

With 75,000 seeds included in this “Herb Garden kit”, you would pay over $65,000 in Produce at the grocery store… with one exception; the “SeedSafe Herb Garden” produce will be much fresher… much healthier… and much better tasting by leaps & bounds.

Whether you get any of the 3 SeedSafe garden kits listed above, it’s always a good idea to couple it with the “SeedSafe Herb garden kit” – thus making your garden more nutritious, more rich, and more full of life.

This “herb kit” also comes with an extensive growing guide. You’ll learn all about what it takes to get the best yields; from planting, seed collecting, harvesting & care.  Click on image for more information.
SeedSafe Medicine Garden

SeedSafe Medicine Garden

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food” ~ Hippocrates

A wise statement from one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.

Before bottled pills, people treated illnesses & disease with medicinal herbs.  And during hard times, medicinal herbs may be your only recourse for you and your family’s well-being.

During emergencies and crises siruations, we all know that when the grocery stores run out of food. they also run out of medicine.

To learn how our forefathers treated and cared for their ailments is the ultimate act of self-reliance & self-sustainability.  And what better way to than than with the “SeedSafe Medicine Garden”.

Now, you can grow some of the finest medicinal herbs in your garden that will help you sustain health and treat ailments when all other options fail.  Thus turning your garden into a natural Heath Cabinet.

The medicinal herbs are: Echinacea, Borage, Fenugreek, Lemon Balm, Calendula, Dandelion, Hyssop, Cayenne, Yarrow & Lovage.  Includes Over 27,000 Seeds which if you were to purchase as produce in the store would cost over $43,000.

The “SeedSafe Medicine Garden” comes with a guide which explains each medicinal herb’s specific uses. The guide also gives you planting instructions so that you get the most out of your harvests.

This kit serves as an excellent  addition to both the herb garden and any of the first 3 kits listed above.

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