Everything To Know About Zero-Down Home Solar

  • Why would you?… utilize archaic methods of energy production when there are better, more cost-effective, safer, reliable, & inexpensive solutions to get your energy?
  • Why would you?… put up with 5% yearly avg. rate hikes and inflation rates on your electrical bill year after year after year, when you can save 10% to 40% on cleaner, more efficient energy?
  • Why would you?… pay money to utility monopolies — renting your power when you can own & produce your power.. own your own asset.. and have every payment made be equity into your home?

Watch video below presented by Jonathan Budd, Founder & CEO of Powur — as he reveals some *mind-blowing* information on a NEW paradigm shift of producing energy with solar — and how this one video could educate you, open your mind, and literally be worth $25,000 or more to you.  Don’t believe it?.. Watch video…

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The 10% savings that Jonathan used in this example is generally the least amount that a homeowner will save with a zero-down solar loan.  The majority of markets will save you a lot more — in addition to you gaining equity on the system and increasing the value into your home.

In actuality, the research was done, bills were collected, quotes were compiled, and the data was crunched to get the average savings from a sample of Powur customers from June 2015 through January 2017.  And $26,000 is the average amount Powur customers saved over a 20 year period by switching to solar over deciding to pay their electrical bill.  Here are more details of those savings in the image below.

Powur Solar Savings

But you can get all this data and have all your questions answered during your *Free Consultation* by clicking the green button directly above.  This is a ‘no-brainer’.. ‘win-win-win’.. and only takes about 20 minutes of your time.  Or feel free to contact me via the information I’ve provided above.  Also watch the other video below for more information about us and about zero-down solar.

People ‘Never’ Really Had A Choice In Producing Their Own Energy… Until Now!

Fact Remains!  Most homeowners realize ‘deep-down’ that utility companies have us in a stranglehold.  In days past, people never really had a choice in producing their own energy with solar — for a variety of reasons(too expensive, no finance options, lack of knowledge, old technology, etc.) — until now that is!  

Read this page in full and watch both videos to learn about zero-down solar, and how you can get a free consultation & quote in no time at all.  The knowledge you obtain from the top video alone, presented by Jonathan Budd will surly educate you and may change your way of thinking about solar.  So if you haven’t watched the above video, watch that now before proceeding.

So, to put what Jonathan is explaining in the 8 minute video above in a nutshell…

The average solar panel system installed on a home is $25,000 which you get $0 down.  You start paying one low payment every Month that’s less than you were paying previously on your electrical bill.  And every month that you pay this, it pays down your loan.  So now you’re building equity on something you own — a solar panel system that acts as an “electricity producing asset” — thus potentially increasing the value of the average home of around $25,000…

…so, not only are you paying less money every month than you were previously paying on your electrical bill, but you end up recouping that money that was previously wasted with your utility company, and gaining a huge “electricity producing asset” that acts as your own utility and increasing the value of your home.  A True Win, Win, Win!  This is the power of Powur & Zero-Down Solar!

Sound too good to be true?..  Fair enough!  Test the waters ‘Right Now’ to see for yourself.  Just click on the Get Free Consultation button above right below the video to #1) First see if you’re eligible in your area which takes about 10 seconds, and then..  #2) We’ll get you set up with a FREE quote & consultation.  Simple as that!

Why Now Is The Best Time For Zero-Sown Solar…

This is the NEWEST Solar Paradigm shift.  So, if you’re a home-owner, now it’s your time is now to take matters into your own hands.. to live a more self-sufficient life.. and become part of the “latest & greatest” solar system trend.  Or if you know any home-owner’s, please share this page/link with them.  They may be really grateful that you did…

…or if you know anyone that’s ever been interested in: saving money, solar technologies, off-the-grid solutions, producing clean energy, or going green, then they’ll appreciate this information.  Watch this amazingly ‘Fun’ & ‘Educational’ video below to find out why ‘now’ is the best time for you to go solar.

Being Skeptical Is A Good Thing..

Great offers are usually met with skepticism, as they should be.  For example, getting a $25,000+ solar panel system installed on your home for $0 down, while paying a smaller monthly bill than what you’re currently paying on your electrical bill is something that’s tough for people to wrap their head around. Hopefully the video directly above will give you a better understanding. Watch that video now if you haven’t already done so.

So Here Are Some More Solar Facts…

For decades solar has been too expensive for the average consumer.  However, since solar is a technology and not a fuel material — solar has gotten less expensive to manufacture.  Since around 1975, solar production has dropped in costs an average of 5% -10% every single year.  Now contrast that with the average electrical bill that has risen 5% every single year since 1975.  So as your electrical bill has gotten ‘more expensive’ and will continue to get ‘more expensive’, solar has gotten ‘less expensive’ .

Solar Technology Price ReductionMeeting The Ever-Growing Solar Demand

With an ever-growing demand of smart technology, going solar, and saving money; smart solar companies have formed to meet this demand.  This is where Powur has built an unprecedented marketplace and formed bonds with the best solar providers across the country, who are delivering the best experience, value & service to our customers through a variety of zero-down ownership and lease options.

Because it’s important that you choose a solar company that will last, and has a good track record in caring for their customers.  The beautiful thing is through Powur’s unprecedented platform, you will be able to vet through each one and get proposals — and pick the option that works best for you, your home, and the economic goals of your home. And it all starts with a FREE consultation…

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Zero-Down Solar Can Be A Win-Win-Win-Win-Win..

  • Get clean energy that you can own & control as opposed to dirty energy that owns & controls you.
  • Pay a smaller monthly bill on an electricity producing asset as opposed to utility monopolies.
  • Save 10% to 40% on long-term loan for cleaner, safer, smarter, more efficient energy.
  • Never pay for electricity again at the end of your loan-term, thus saving you 100%.
  • Avoid being forced to pay 5% yearly avg. rate hikes on your electrical bill.
  • Build equity towards power you can own as opposed to renting power.
  • Live freer, more self-sufficient, more self-sustainable lives.

I’m In!.. How Do I Get This Solar Quote & Consultation?..

It’s very simple.  And there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting a free quote & solar proposal.  And the process only takes a few minutes, and you may discover how you can save 10% to 40% on your electricity bill with a zero-down solar installation.

Just click on the Get Free Consultation button below the bottom image to #1) First see if you’re eligible to get a solar installation in your area which takes about 10 seconds.  And then..  #2) We’ll get you set up with a FREE quote & consultation.  Simple as that!Benefits of Home Solar Panels

In Closing…

Why pay more money for ‘dirty energy’  that you can’t control and don’t own?.. when you can pay less money for ‘cleaner energy’  that you can control and do own?… and have it be an asset on your home that you have built equity on that increases the value of the average home of around $25,000.

You should be able to get all your questions answered during your consultation.  Or please feel free to contact me via the information I provided below…

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