Emergency Heat With Soapstone Warmers

  • Save some money on your energy bills (gas, electric).
  • Works great with wood stoves for when the power goes out.
  • A perfect “off the grid” solution for keeping a cold part of your house warm.
  • Place on a fire to heat up, and bring into your tent or cabin to warm them up.
  • Wrap in a bag, towel, or quilt – then slip ’em under bed covers to stay nice & toasty at night.
  • Keep these in your vehicle for emergency & survival situations when stranded in winter cold.
  • Non-messy, and no washing necessary.

Here’s a video our friend engineer775 put together with step-by-step instructions on how to keep yourself warm with soapstones in an “off the grid” situation.

Read below for some step-by-step image instructions

Soapstone Warmers, Stay warm for when the power goes outThe Power of Soapstones

Using soapstones is an old, yet effective technique for keeping yourself warm .  Soapstones work great in conjunction with wood stoves, or heating near a fire in an “off the grid” scenario.

You can also get some great everyday use out of heating these up and warming up cabins, tents, or rooms that are normally cold.  And also serves as a great way for saving some money on your energy bill.

Soapstone can absorb, store and evenly radiate heat due to its high density and magnesite content.  Soapstone is not degraded by heating.. is super-dense.. and its thermal conductivity is really high.

For these reasons, soapstone is sometimes constructed in surrounding fireplaces, cladding on metal wood stoves, and a popular material for wood burning masonry heaters.

Soapstone is on the top of our list for anyone looking to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle; and for any serious prepper or survivalist to have in their arsenal.  Read below to learn more about the steps to take in heating up your soapstones.


Place soapstone in OvenHeating Up Soapstones

First if you can find any soapstones locally, make sure you drill some holes in on both sides, and insert some handles to ensure you don’t burn your hands.  Otherwise, you can find some soapstones on ebay or Vermont soapstone.

Important: Be careful not to use anything other than soapstone as many other stones or rocks contain water inside which can create steam and explode when heated up.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.  Then place your soapstone(s) into the oven with the handles forward so it’s easy to grab and take out with a glove or oven mitt.  Leave in oven fire around 30 minutes.

You can heat the soapstones outside on a fire if the power goes out and you don’t have a wood stove.  Or if you’re out in the wilderness, camping, or stranded in a vehicle in the winter cold.  So it may be a good idea to bring some soapstones with you during winter excursions.

Wrap up Soapstone WarmersSoapstones Are Ready To Warm You Up

30 minutes should heat up the 15 lb. soapstone(s) close to 200 degrees.  A little less time for lighter stones.  You can use a Thermometer Temperature Gun to read the temperature on the soapstone(s), but it’s not necessary.

200 degrees is enough to radiate a good amount of heat for up to 5 hours.  You can leave it in a little longer to reach a slightly higher temperature to keep you warm throughout the night, but it may not be necessary.

Put your glove or oven mitt on and take out the soapstone(s).  Make sure to grab by the handle.  Then insert it into a bag, or wrap in a towel, or quilt.  Make sure to tie it, or rope it in a knot to ensure it doesn’t slip out and burn you; especially if you have it at the foot of your bed when sleeping.

Then place your soapstone(s) in your desired location.  2 or 3 soapstones can warm up a room nicely.  One soapstone can keep you warm all night if placed under the foot of your bed covers.  This is a nice little survival tip to learn.  So play with it..  Have fun..  and let us know if it helped you out in any way.

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