We compiled a list of the top 200 heavy metal songs which expose tyranny & corruption. Whether you’re a metal fan or a true patriot, then you will get a kick out of these songs. You may be surprised to learn how many heavy metal songs that are written ‘speaking up’ and ‘speaking out’ against tyranny & corruption in the world. A lot people have a misconception about heavy metal, and have been mislead by the system to think heavy metal is the devil music. And this top 200 list will prove to you why the system is trying to make you think this.

We linked out each song in our list to the actual song & lyrics. And we have found that these lyrics are some of the deepest, smartest, most patriotic, most meaningful, and most relevant of all music genres. In addition, these songs are a lot of fun to listen to. You don’t even have to like heavy metal to like these songs(especially the TOP Rated ones)…they are that good!

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