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Introducing the Sun Oven! The perfect “off the grid” cooker for an emergency situation or just for a regular good back-yard cook-out! You can bake, boil, or steam your way to some of the most delicious and evenly cooked foods! And the best thing is… there’s nothing to plug into, and no power wasted or electricity bills. Reaches temperatures up to 400 degrees even in the winter. Food will not burn or dry out. Is portable friendly. It’s simple to use. And can last a lifetime!

So whether you’re preparing for the next disaster, want to get off the grid, want better tasting food, or just want to go green?? Then click link to learn about one of the most ‘self-sufficient’ & ‘self-sustainable’ devices ever invented.

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Why be in the dark in case your power goes out? Why rely on “one” source of energy(the power grid) to power all your home electronics or devices such as light bulbs, heat, phone, computers, TV, microwave, air conditioners, etc.?

There’s enough to worry about the damage that can incur from disasters, whether it be `natural’ or `man-made’. The last thing you want to worry about is living without any of these necessary things we have grown so accustomed to.

And why fiddle with noisy, unhealthy and dangerous gas guzzling generators if you don’t have to? If you’ve ever dealt with one, you know that these are just not worth the time, energy & effort… and that there has got to be a different way!

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