Build Your Own Secret Safe

If you own a safe, you know how valuable they can be for protecting your precious valuables.  But sometimes it may not be the best idea to keep all your items in there. For example:

  • Maybe you need an extra hiding place that no one woufld ever think to look.
  • Maybe you need a hiding place that you can have easy access to.
  • Maybe you share a safe with your loved ones, and have some items that are too personal.
  • Maybe your safe is not bolted down, and need another hiding spot for your your precious valuables.

Well, thanks to this cool little tip we learned from out friend Grant Thompson, you can build a secret safe with just a couple of materials from the hardware store. Watch video and get step by step image instructions below.

Read below for step-by-step image instructions.

Secret Safe ItemsSecret Safe Parts Needed

– extra long electrical gang boxes, made for existing walls.  You can also install a 1-gang or 2-gang wall box for double the room, or the size of 2 electrical outlets.

– A blank wall plate(1 gang -or- 2 gang to fit wall box)

Find and trace your sectionFind and Trace Your Section

First search around your home for a clean section of wall.  It will probably be best to set set up ‘secret safe’ behind a sofa, or furniture of some sort.

Now locate an area between the studs.  Best to use a stud finder, or you can use the old-fashioned method of knocking with your knuckles to find hollow areas in wall.

When you have found a spot that works, measure a height that’s similar to the outlets in the room.  Now, line up the front-end of your electrical gang box, and trace around the sides.  This is where you will be cutting into the wall.

cutout housing for secret safeCutout Housing For Safe

First set up an envelope attached to the wall to catch any debris that falls from the sheetrock when cutting.

For cutting device, you can use a Jab Saw or Key Hole Saw, or sometimes a regular steak knife may work.

Make sure you cut carefully, and with shallow strokes, as their can be electrical wires behind the wall, and you don’t want to cut into them accidentally.


Start loading valuables in secret safeInsert and Load Housing

When hole is cut out, insert gang box.  It should slide in perfectly, and rest flat against the wall.  Tighten screws in the corners to adjust accordingly.

Then start loading in your valuables; spare keys, ammunition, gold, jewelry, etc.

Now before adding the cover plate, If you plan on accessing this safe a lot, and you can’t be bothered unscrewing it every time, then drill out the middle screw holes with a 9/64 inch drill bit.

add the cover plateAdd The Cover Plate

If you drilled out the middle screw holes of the gang box, then just add a dab of super glue to where the screws meet the cover plate.  This way you can just slide it in & out of the holes of the gang box; thus giving you easy access.  Otherwise, screw in the cover plate to the gang box.

Probably less than 1% of people would ever think of looking in there.  But you can take this one step further, and set this up behind some furniture; because out of site, then out of mind.

And even if a burglar knew about the secret wall safe, there are so many electrical outlets in the average home already, it would be completely impractical to open every one trying to find anything to steal.

Alternative OptionsAlternative options

#1) If you would rather not have a cover plate, and have it blend in better with your other surrounding outlets; then screw on an outlet to the front of the gang box.  And then add on a wall plate.

#2) To avoid buying these items, or cutting new holes into your wall, you just find your cable jack in your house, and hide some of your important stuff in there.

#3) There is an item called the hidden wall safe which is easy to install, and it pivots out to reveal the secret hiding place.  This can be more convenient and less inexpensive option.

WARNING: Extreme caution and responsibility should be exercised when cutting into sheetrock. There may be electrical wires, or sensitive materials behind the wall that are unseen, that could be damaged, or cause you bodily harm. Use of all content on this page is at your own risk.

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