Ready For The Water Crisis?

Do you believe??

– Do you believe… there is a plot to control the world by controlling the water supply?

– Do you believe… that lakes & rivers are being sucked dry in America by foreign corporations?

– Do you believe… that there is anti-psychotic drugs such as uranium & lithium in our water?

– Do you believe… that our precious water is being sneaked out, and cargo shipped to Asia in huge amounts?

– Do you believe… that multinational corporations are making deals with governments to privatize the water system?

– Do you believe… that the bottle water industry is wrecking havoc on the ecosystem as a result of them claiming ownership of the public’s water supply?

Fact remains…

1500 municipalities in America are already privatizing their water; and that number is growing every day.

Many scientists & water crisis experts claim that we’re already in a water crisis.  The E.P.A. has stated that 36 states are expecting water shortages — even in non-drought conditions.  California, Texas & Florida have already publicly stated that they are in a water crisis.

It’s been proven over and over that pharmaceutical drugs are in our water — along with pesticides, rocket fuel,
Bisphenol A (BPA), and other disturbing chemicals.

And let’s not forget about the fluoride that’s in the water; which studies show overwhelming evidence that it’s not only unnecessary, but potentially hazardous to one’s health.

So not only do we, as humans have to worry about organ-rotting and brain-damaging poisons in our water — we now have to worry about our water being owned, controlled, and privatized by corporations.

And it’s not just corporations.  There are individuals that are taking control over massive amounts of water around world.  And all for their own profit and gain; and at the expense of leaving us with toilet water to drink.

According to the worlds most leading water crisis experts; claims that one of the biggest threats comes in bottled water manufactured by these corporations.

It’s becoming clear to see that water is becoming the new oil.  Fortune magazine is saying that water will determine the wealth of nations.  Good clean Water is so valuable, it is now referred to as blue gold.  It’s so precious, less than 2% of the earth’s water is actually drinkable.

These are the water crisis facts!

Our mission…

In this water crisis report, we cover all these aforementioned issues in more detail.  Along with exposing some real “meat & potatoes” research & interviews from some of the world’s leading water activists, environmentalists, conspiracy insiders, whistle-blowers, and other specialists related to this field of study.

Our goal is to inform you, and guide you in the direction of becoming more self-sufficient and self-sustainable with water — first to deal with the poisons in the water. And also to prepare yourself in the event of a major water crisis like a global drought, terrorist Attack, government failure, nuclear weapon, etc.

And not to have to rely on, or be dependent upon your government if the economy tanks or we get hit with a major disaster.  Because chances are, our government will not be there to save us.  You can verify this for yourself by going down to your local Government office, and asking to see their water safety emergency plans.  But warning — you may not like what you see.

According to the statistics & science; the average human body can’t survive much longer than a week without water.  Just listen to this case reported by ABC news about A 23-year-old college kid form California who was left in a detention cell for 5 days without water.  He resorted to drinking his own urine and contemplating his own death. In an interview, he stated “I didn’t care if I died, I was completely insane.”  He suffered from severe dehydration, and kidney failure.  He spent 3 days in intensive care.

So are you prepared?

So, are you prepared to go without water for weeks, or Months on end? Are you prepared to get clean water from an alternative source than from your faucet?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get water from anywhere like a toilet, or lake, and turning it into crystal clear drinking water. Because honestly, without this knowledge, you wont survive a major water crisis.

Like the saying goes, it’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.  And that goes for having the right information and resources readily available for when the S#i% really hits the fan.

Conspiracy Theory -or- Conspiracy Fact?

Back in 2010, TruTV aired an episode of Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura – called “The Great Lakes Conspiracy.”  The show talks about how the multinational corporations and mega-rich oil dynasties are buying up the water rights, and controlling nations & populations.  This episode was so powerful, and the interviews were so hard-hitting — that it was most befitting to give you some excerpts from those meetings.

Interview #1 – The Lake Mead Conspiracy

Lame Mead Water CrisisJesse Ventura met up with Environmentalist Lee Spraig at Lake Mead in Nevada.  Lake Mead is considered the largest reservoir in the U.S. which supplies 30+ million users in the southwest.  Here is an excerpt from that interview, and the research Lee Spraig shared with Jesse.

Lee Spraig: 

“20% of the people in the World do not have access to fresh water. And That equates to 1.2. billion people.  And within 20 years if this continues, only the wealthy will be able to afford water.

“In the last 5 Months alone, the lake levels from Lake Mead has dropped 15 feet.  And it’s not that their in the middle of a drought, or anything.  What’s happening is that they are using the water faster than the natural systems can recharge the lake.  In 1999 Jesse, this lake was full.  And now it’s down to 40% of its capacity.”


“Lee, being an ex-navy seal, I can see that water levels in this lake had to once be 50 feet above their heads.  Who was behind all this?”

Lee Spraig:

“Multinational corporations.  They are buying the rights to the water for their own private use and personal gain. These multinational corporations are going after our water to sell it back to us.  They are making deals with corrupt Governments to actually privatize the water system.  And it’s all about the bottom-line for them. It’s not about life.”


“Where the hell are the politicians on this?”

Lee Spraig:

“Unfortunately, a lot of the politicians are in bed with multinational corporations.”


“You start following the trail, until it all comes back to their greed, and their ability to accept the dirty money from special interest groups to get what they want.”

Interview #2 – The Privatization of Water

June, from Jesse Ventura’s team met up with Sam Bozzo, a documentary specialist, and Director of the 2009 film Blue Gold: World Water Wars.  Sam recently dig deep into this water conspiracy.  And here is what he had to say when confronted by June.


“So tell me about privatization, because a lot of the water supplies around the world are now privately owned.”


“The big companies are veolia & suez from France.  And privatization started in France, but that wasn’t such an issue when it was local.  But what has happened is that these companies have expanded all over the world.  So you see a company like veolia going to a poor country in the developing world and buying their water system and selling it back to the people.  Because it is a for-profit system.  They need to make money;  and they need to raise the rates, because they need to make a profit.”


“So is their a water conspiracy?”


“Yes!  The ultimate conspiracy is a company bribing politicians, and has no regulation.  But even if a government owns it, that’s too much control.  In China, they use dams to cut off water to villages regularly.  Their government does this for control issues.”

Interview #3 – It’s Not Just Corporations That Control Your Water

Jesse also met with Todd Alcott; a water activist whom was part of a group that cleaned up the Santa Monica bay in California.  Here is an an excerpt from that meeting:

Todd Alcott:

“You have probably heard that corporations are controlling all of the water in the world right now”


“That’s the word that I am getting preliminarily.”

Todd Alcott:

“It’s not just corporations. We’re talking about individuals taking control of massive amounts of
water all over the world.  Did you know that the Bush family has bought up 100,000 acres in Paraguay.”


“For what purpose?”

Todd Alcott:

“Because that land is sitting on top the largest aquifer in the world. They can suck it dry and then
sell the water back to the people that live there.”


“What your telling me is the Bush’s are going into water.”

Todd Alcott:

“That’s exactly whats happening, and it’s not just the Bush’s, and it’s not just developing countries.  It’s happening right here in the United States. The worst one is T. Boone Pickens.”


“You know this for a fact.  He’s drilling for water.”

Todd Alcott:

“He has bought up a huge amount of land in the Texas panhandle.  Again, over the largest aquifer in the United States.  This is all public knowledge.  And under Texas law, any water that he can reach under his land, he gets it for free.  So he’s taking the water, and selling it for profit.  The water that should be belonging to everybody, he’s going to be controlling that whole region now.”

T. Boon’s plot is centered on a property he owns in the North Texas panhandle.  Mesa Vista ranch is 68,000 acres, and it sits on top of a huge underground reservoir called the Ogallala aquifer. T. Boone doesn’t own the aquifer, but in Texas, if you can get to the water by drilling under your land, it’s yours.  T. Boone got to it. And he isn’t shy about the scheme. Here is a quote from T. Boone himself.

“I know what people say, that water’s a lot like air.  Do you charge for air? Well, of course not.  Well, you shouldn’t charge for water.  Okay, watch what happens… you won’t have any water” ~ T. Boone Pickens

We wanted to make sure you saw this quote, so for good measure, we added a nice little quote design around it.  And isn’t is so nice of T. Boone to finally reveal himself as the Good ol’  billion dollar slave owner he’s always wanted to be.

T. Boon has spent millions of dollars buying up lobbyists & politicians, and he finally got his ranch declared as a water district.  Which is basically a town with special powers — similar to the power of eminent domain.  To buy up people’s land, and to lay his pipeline whether they want to sell or not.  Many Texans call it a scam, but Good Ol’ T.Boon just says it’s good business.  He say’s he will make about a billions dollars over a 30 year period.

Interview #4 – Conspiracy Insider ‘Alex Jones’ Reveals Mind-Blowing Info.

Jesse also met up with his friend and conspiracy insider Alex Jones to get his take on the whole water crisis conspiracy.  Here is what Alex had to say:


“water is more important than energy. It’s more important than food. And if you can control about 1 to
2% of the total drinkable water, then you can dominate society.”


“Well, clearly they have got to be buying off the politicians because in order to drill a well, obviously you’ve got to meet local standards and someone has to approve it.”


“That’s what’s happening. They are coming in and they are buying off state & local officials to allow them in many cases to have the only access to the water, so that they control it, and then can jack up the price. And if these multinational corporations can control water, they will control everything.

Lithium In The Water


“Some of these major corporations are now saying, hey, we want to add lithium to the water to make you calm and lower suicides all over.  We are going to give you an anti-psychotic that they give people in mental institutions.  We’re going to give it to every man, woman & child in America.”

Learn How To Survive A Water Crisis

Interview #5 – The TRUTH About Bottled Water

Jesse Ventura’s team member June then met up with Robert Glennon; one of the worlds most renowned water crisis experts, and writer of the book unquenchable – America’s water crisis and what to do about it.  He (claims) that one of the biggest threats comes in bottles of water.  Because there’s nothing to stop them from filling those bottles with poison.

Truth About Bottled Water

Here is an excerpt from that meeting:

Robert Glennon:

“I’m not a fan of bottled water. It is not regulated nearly as carefully as domestic water is; which has to comply with the safe drinking water act.”


“So really, we don’t know what we are drinking in bottled water.”

Robert Glennon:

“That’s right! And I think that that’s frankly reprehensible.”


“Because it’s all about money.”

Robert Glennon:

“It’s all about money!”


“So where do you think we should go to investigate this further?”

Robert Glennon:

“I think the Great lakes. Because there are some problems in the great lakes that no one would expect. And if your biggest supply of water is facing threats, then every place is facing threats.”

Interview #6 – The Great Lakes Conspiracy

Jesse Ventura’s investigation led him to his hometown of Minnesota where he met up with Dave Dempsey – a water crisis expert, and Author of Great lakes for Sale: From Whitecaps to Bottlecaps.  Dave Dempsey has been fighting to protect the Great lakes for more than 25 years.  Here is an excerpt from that interview:


“The Great lakes, they are huge.”

Dave Dempsey:

“6 Quadrillion gallons, if you can visualize that.  Almost 20% of the world’s fresh water is right in the great
lakes.  Whoever controls it is going to control a lot of our worlds economy.

US Water Being Shipped To Asia

Dave Dempsey:

“There’s a company in 1998 that got a permit to take 50 freighters of water out of lake superior, and ship it to Asia.  So there was this huge public out cry.  And so the politicians said, well — we’re gonna craft an agreement that will make sure that this never happens again.  And it turns out the agreement was designed with a loophole.  And the only difference between now and 1998 is you have to put it in a bottle.  Then you can put it in a ship in any quantity you want, in whatever quantity you want, and ship it out.”


“Dave, water that’s taken out from the great lakes right now, where’s it ending up?”

Dave Dempsey:

“You know, we really can’t say.  Because the companies that are bottling, and taking water out of the Great lakes don’t really disclose that information.  Governor, you really need to go to Michigan, and see where this battles going on right now.  Michigan doesn’t even charge a dime for royalties on water, let alone control it any more.”

Jesse headed to Michigan, where a water battle has been looming for 10+ years now — ever since a Swiss company Nestle moved in under the name of Perrier.

The governor of Michigan at the time gave the big foreign company millions of dollars in tax breaks.  And he charged Nestle less than a $100 dollars a year to drill, pump & pipe hundreds of gallons of water every minute.  Governor John Engler refused to talk with Jesse on this matter — because he says he doesn’t discuss his time in office.  Can you wonder why?

Interview #7 – Foreign Corporations Are Raping & Pillaging Our Water

Jesse then met up with Holly Spaulding, an ‘environmental journalist’, and consultant to the documentary film Flow How a handful of corporations steal our water.  Here is what she had to say on the water crisis in the Great lakes.

Holly Spaulding:

“So, we know huge amounts of water are being drawn by the corporations.  They’re taking as much as
they can get.”


“And the real sad part is that they are doing it with the blessing of our Government. And this is a global international corporation that has put the eye on Michigan.  And they are coming here — and for lack of a better term raping & pillaging the water.”

Holly Spaulding:

“I would put them in the class with any other sort of baron; call them the water barons, the water cartel.”

Jesse came to the realization that the Swiss company Nestle nestled their pumps out in the middle of the woods in secret where nobody could see or hear them sucking the Great lakes dry.  Why?  Because they can’t directly take from the great lakes, so the way they are getting around it is by sucking out the water that feeds into the lake.

And isn’t it funny that this is the definition of  Nestle: Lie or be situated in a half-hidden or obscured position — which is ‘exactly’ what they are doing.

Interview #8 – Some Environmental Impacts of This…

Jesse’s team member Daniel showed up at the Nestle plant in Stanwood, Michigan with Donald Roy, a water activist that has been in their face, and fighting their plans to take even more water. Here is an excerpt from that meeting.

Don Roy:

“The nestle waters of north america bottling plant has been here for about 10 years now. They started building it when we were in trial.”


“What was the trial?”

Don Roy:

Michigan citizens for water conservation.  There was a lawsuit filed, and the lawsuit was based upon environmental harm.  Real environmental harm.  And of course we filed a significant drop in flow to a stream, wetlands, and two lakes.”


“How much water are we talking about?”

Don Roy:

“Somewhere around 90 million gallons from just one pumping site.”


“90 million gallons a year?”

Don Roy:

“Yes!  From one pumping site.”


“So what kind of environmental impacts literally have there been?”

Don Roy:

“There were no fish.”

Fish Dying From Water Levels Dropping

When Daniel and Donald actually got to the plant, an employee came out.  And Daniel tried to ask him some questions; but he refused to give answers, stating that it was corporate policy.  Daniel then asked if there was anything he can tell him.  The employee stated that he “couldn’t guarantee it, but that he would make a call, and be back as soon as he can.”  Well, he made a call alright — straight to the cops, and they showed up in no time.

Jesse was working his way to the pumps when he got to stare down the environmental damage of what’s become known as the dead stream.

Jesse met up with another water activist by the name of Chris Swier, whom is also fighting for the Great Lakes, and against these corporations.  Here is what Chris had to say:

Chris Swier:

“A lot of the hydrologists and environmental experts have shown that Nestles pumping up-stream has effected what’s happening here in this dead stream.”

Interview #9 – China + Uranium + Lithium = ‘The End Game’

For his last interview on the show, Jesse Ventura met up with Leuren Moret.  Leuren was a uranium specialist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  She is also known internationally as an expert on radiation & public health.

Leuren told Jesse that she’s found uranium in our drinking water, along with the lithium Alex Jones warned about.  Here is an expert from this mind-blowing meeting:

Leuren Moret:

“Lithium is used for people with bi-polar disorder, or manic depression. It slows down and calms the brain.  It makes the person docile.  Since uranium is an estrogen and hormone disruptor — the female population is expanding and the male population is shrinking.  Not only that, but the plastic that the water is in, the actual bottle has chemicals that change the estrogen and the testosterone.  In other words, chemicals in our bodies that are related to reproduction.

Poisons In Our Water

Leuren Moret:

“And then you have the hormones in the plastic which are hormone disruptors interacting with the radiation and other materials in the water.  So 1 + 1 is not 2!  It’s 10 times worse in the way they interact.  It’s killing our future generations.  It’s the unborn baby that is being most affected by these poisonous chemicals and the radiation.  And nobody even knows!

“Countries, for instance China that are short on water are coming to countries where they have access to the water.  And we have a huge debt to China, so we probably have to let them steal it.  They have a new technique;  Its called spragg bags.  They’re 500 feet long huge plastic bladders that zip together like zip-lock bags.  And they can tow 50 at a time across the ocean behind the boat.  They are taking our best water – and they are pumping it into their aquifers that are being drained because of their 3 Dams project.  They’re taking our water, dragging it across the pacific ocean, and leaving the toilet water for us to drink.”


“So what’s the end game here?”

Leuren Moret:

“The end game is to increase the power and the influence of China.  And at the same time, they are weakening and taking down the United states.”

US Water Going To China

Summary – And What You Can Do About It?

There is no way you can escape this water conspiracy if you tried.  There seems to be way too much research and evidence that Jesse Ventura, his team, and dozens of water crisis experts uncovered.

And it goes so far!  Where does it end?  When will it end?

Drugs in our water… Poisons in our water…  Stealing our water… Privatization of water… Greedy corporations… Government loop-holes… Water levels dropping… Eco-systems failing… China owning our precious water… etc.

And what happens when we run out?

But the real questions you have to ask yourself is… What can I do?  What will I do?

Long Term Water Storage Solutions

First in foremost, don’t play into their game.  Realize that every time you buy a bottle of water, your part of this conspiracy.

In addition, there are so many other alternative, better & safer ways to get clean drinking water than by buying water from a corporation that has absolutely no government oversight or regulation for our safety.

And it would be wise to gain more knowledge and prepare yourself and your family now and in the future — both for short-term and long-term.  Which is why we highly recommend you learn how to survive a water crisis in the safest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way possible.

One thing’s for sure — water is a hot commodity right now.  And it’s just getting hotter!  There may be a lot you can’t do, but there’s a lot you can do.  So make sure you start today getting more self-sufficient & better prepared — and not only for yourself or your family, but also for the cause.  So click on the link directly above to learn more, and good luck in your efforts.